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The rite of exorcism

There was a rumor going around that Pope Benedict was contemplating or working on a document about exocists.  According to law, dioceses must have an appointed exorcist.  I suspect many dioceses don’t.  There is a news item today from apcom.  … Continue reading

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NCR: another editorial whine about Pope Benedict and liturgy

The ultra-leftist National Catholic Reporter has another predictably whiny editorial against the Holy Father’s vision for the Church and his moves to reform the liturgy. My emphases and comments. Issue Date:  December 28, 2007 Liturgy reform: No going back When … Continue reading

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The future of the Congregation for Divine Worship

From the site Palazzo Apostolico we find this bit.  Keep in mind this is consistent with the usual back halls murmuring anytime the main chairs of dicasteries come into play.  The following is typical of Roman curial speculation.  My translation: … Continue reading

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“The Christmas Feast is already a fading memory…’

Over at the anecdotal place there is a great entry with a post-Christmas debriefing by W.H. Auden, which I share here. This is a wonderful way to sharpen your sense of the Octave of Christmas, which we are still celebrating. … Continue reading

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Here’s a headline we haven’t seen before

From the Regular Guy we find this:  USCCB President To Participate In Latin Mass His Eminence Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, will assist in a celebration of the Traditional Latin … Continue reading

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Jingle keys, jingle keys, jingle all the way

Remember my remark some time ago: "Did someone find the keys for the old dusty wardrobes?" I think they did. As Shouts points out, this chair, so much more dignified than the one we have seen for years in the … Continue reading

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Not Kilroy


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The Pope’s great miter for the Urbi et Orbi blessing

The Pope had a spiffy miter for his Christmas Urbi et Orbi blessing. Where did it come from? There is a clue! Look at the papal stemma. This is the coat of arms of Papa Luciani, John Paul I, the … Continue reading

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Urbi et Orbi: Christmas 2007 – “true” peace and “sure” hope

Here is the text of the Holy Father’s Urbi et Orbi message. But first, what is the Urbi et Orbi thing all about? Urbi et Orbi means literally "to the City [In Latin Urbs is by default Rome] and to … Continue reading

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What are your Christmas customs?

Do have special customs you observe for Christmas? Anything ethnic or cultural you do?  Special foods?  Music?  Practices? Let us know a few of the things you do that make the celebration of Christmas special for you.

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An excerpt of the Holy Father’s Midnight Mass sermon: liturgical song

In the Holy Father’s Midnight Mass sermon there is a good and profound thought about liturgy, indeed, liturgical music.  Watch the movement of the Holy Father’s thought.  He moves from the unification of God and Man in the Word made … Continue reading

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WDTPRS – Christmas – 3rd Mass “in die”

What Does the Prayer Really Say? Christmas Day – Roman Station: 1st and 3rd Masses – Basilica of St. Mary Major, 2nd Mass – St. Anastasia ORIGINALLY PRINTED IN The Wanderer in 2005 The Solemnity of the Nativity of the … Continue reading

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PRAYERCAzT 15: 3 Masses of Christmas – 1962 Missale Romanum

Welcome to another installment of What Does the Prayer Really Sound Like?  Today we will hear the prayers for the three Masses for Christmas in the 1962 Missale Romanum.  I speak all the prayers and readings and sing the Preface … Continue reading

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What’s going on for Christmas

I am presently in St. Paul, Minnesota.  I grew up in the Twin Cities.  Christmas Eve has been busy.  I didn’t have a morning Mass, so I went over to the chapel as the 8 am was ending.  Someone was … Continue reading

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Vigil of Christmas – Roman Martyrology

In the 2005 Roman Martyrology for Vigil of Christmas has a fascinating entry.  Here is the first entry of Christmas Eve day: 1. Commemoratio omnium sanctorum avorum Iesu Christi, filii David, filii Abraham, filii Adam, patrum scilicet, qui Deo placuerunt … Continue reading

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