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Some thanks are due and future Fr. Z trips

Lately I received a very interesting book from a kind participant here, PF of the UK, Ad Infinitum: a biography of Latin by Nicholas Ostler.  I mentioned this gift before but it bears repeating.  This looks really interesting.  I read … Continue reading

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RSS feed problem – update

UPDATE There have been problems with the feed.  I think I fixed it by deactivating and reactivating all my plugins. However, I have lost thousands of subscribers.  If you subscribed (or even if you didn’t) please do! Also, if you … Continue reading

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This amazingly repetitive item is just in from ANSA: POPE’S VISIT TO "LA SAPIENZA" CANCELLED ROMA – The Vatican has "considered it opportune to postpone" the Pope’s visit to "La Sapienza" University "following the well known misadventures (vicende) in the … Continue reading

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SNAP! A quick glimpse at where some of you are

Here is a brief snapshot of the general geographical location of where some of you readers are. This is just of the last few minutes or so. This is by no means exhaustive or precise. London, London, City of Four … Continue reading

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Before and after: you decide

Take note of the role of the Crucifix in these two images. Before (2007): And after (2008):   Biretta tip to Rinascimento sacro  o{]:¬) Listen to PODCAzTs on the position of the altar here, and here.  Both of these concern … Continue reading

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Univ. of Notre Dame: application of Summorum Pontificum

UPDATE:  16 January 2008 21:28 GMT The blog of The Sober Sophomore has this, which is rather amusing.  I like the title of the entry: Notre Dame Magazine – or – "I survived Fr Z!" I’m sure by now most … Continue reading

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The older form of Mass, TLM, “like a symphony”

Southwest Florida’s Herald Tribune has an article about the older form of Mass. My emphases and comments. Latin Mass likened to a symphony BY CHRISTINE HAWES CORRESPONDENT Some consider it "a deeper spiritual experience." Others describe it as "like a … Continue reading

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CNA reporting the Holy Father’s Mass “ad orientem”

CNA, Catholic News Agency, has reported about the Holy Father’s celebrating Mass ad orientem in the Sistine Chapel, and gets it right. However, notice that the picture they posted with the story is of a Mass in St. Peter’s, decades … Continue reading

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