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Why did Pope Benedict not replace the Novus Ordo Good Friday prayer for Jews?

In comments under a different entry there is some speculation about why Pope Benedict has replaced the Good Friday prayer for Jews only in the 1962 Missale Romanum but not also in the 2002 edition.   Henry opines: "In this particular … Continue reading

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Important 2003 letter of Card. Ratzinger about the older rite of Mass

I tip my biretta to the Cafeteria o{]:¬)  for linking to a posting on the site of one Joseph S. O’Leary: a very interesting 2003 letter of Joseph Card. Ratzinger on the issue of the older form of Mass, the … Continue reading

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USCCB official assures Jews: those attending old Good Friday rites don’t matter

A friend who was dumpster diving for news about the reaction to Pope Benedict’s adustment of the Good Friday prayers for Jews just alerted me to an article in Hell’s Bible (the New York Times) which quotes Fr. James Massa, … Continue reading

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What version of Holy Week rites may be used by “trad” groups?

Every once in a while on this blog and elsewhere we have discussions about whether any traditionalist group out there, such as the FSSP or the ICK, have permission to use older versions of the Holy Week rites than those … Continue reading

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Good News from Walney Island

You might remember a nice blog by Fr. Paul Harrison called Thoughts from the Lune Valley.  Father has morphed that old blog into Thoughts from Walney Island, to reflect his present location. Father posted the following: Friday, February 08, 2008Im … Continue reading

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