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An account of the colloquium on blogging at the Oxford Newman Society meeting.

Some of you have asked about the colloquium I participated in at Oxford.  There is a good account over at Lacrimarum Valle.
I met some fine people in Oxford and was grateful for the chance to participate.

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Will the SSPX use Pope Benedict’s Good Friday changes?

According to some sources, the SSPX priests will not adopt Pope Benedict’s change to the Good Friday prayers for the Jews.
The rad-trad Catholic Family News states "that on Sunday February 17, Bishop Fellay stated publicly at Ridgefield that the SSPX … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI on vast, outdoor Masses: “there is a problem”

Paolo Rodari of Il riformista has an interesting piece about the Pope reaction to a question put to him during his recent meeting with the clergy of Rome.  The question was about the problem of the huge outdoor Masses which … Continue reading

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Can a Novus Ordo parish have a 1962 Triduum? Fr. Z’s opinion.

Under another entry, frequent contributor Henry brings up a very good question.
To begin here are a couple comments, or rather "hooks" to hang ideas on.
First, a bishop can establish a "personal parish" where only the older, pre-Conciliar liturgical forms are … Continue reading

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