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SSPX comment on Good Friday prayer for Jews: profound regret

Witha tip of the biretta  o{]:¬)  to Rorate we read a press release from the SSPX about the Pope Benedict’s new Good Friday prayers for Jews: we read a press release from the SSPX about the Pope Benedict’s new Good … Continue reading

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PRAYERCAzT 18: 3rd Sunday of Lent (1962 Missale Romanum)

Welcome to another installment of What Does the Prayer Really Sound Like?  Today we will hear the prayers for the 3rd Sunday of Lent in the 1962 Missale Romanum.  I speak all the prayers and readings and sing the Preface … Continue reading

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Catholic Herald: editorial on seminaries training for the TLM

The Catholic Herald, in addition to the article by the diligent Anna Arco, has an editioral about the older form of Mass and training of seminarians. Shall we parse it in our Usual Way? Training seminarians to serve the Church … Continue reading

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Catholic Herald: All seminaries must teach the old Latin Mass, says Vatican

The charming Anna Arco of the Catholic Herald has a piece in the same paper about the training of seminarians for the entirety of the Roman Rite!  We had a story about this here. My emphases and comments. All seminaries … Continue reading

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Thanks are due: tea, books and donations

Upon my return home from Ol’ Blighty I found a wondrous pile of little boxes all heaped up Santa-like… waiting for my prying fingers! First, there was an envelope from the UK.  Family Piublications fired off to me a copy … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Angelus Press hand missal

I think it is of upmost importance to participate at Holy Mass also using a sound “hand missal”.  A good hand missal, whether of the TLM of the Novus Ordo, can enrich your interior receptivity. A while back I reviewed … Continue reading

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The “Ecological Stations” in Durham, NC: Christ as Earth Mother, praise of the serpent

Once in a while I get something via e-mail and I am not quite sure if someone isn’t having me on. A parishioner of at Immaculate Conception Church in downtown Durham, NC, a Franciscan run parish known for its emphasis … Continue reading

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