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Anchorage: Bp. Schwietz on implementing Summorum Pontificum

There is news from the Archdiocese of Anchorage in Alaska about the implementation of the provision of Summorum Pontificum. Shall we have a look with my emphases and comments.  The following is from a letter from Archbishop Roger Schwietz the … Continue reading

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Santa Fe: good news about TLM

There is a good story in the online version of the Albuquerque Journal My emphases and comments. Monday, February 25, 2008 Church Offers a Weekly Mass in Latin By Kiera HayJournal Staff Writer     If you happened into the San … Continue reading

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PODCAzT 51: Communion in the hand

We tackle a thorny issue: Communion in the hand.  To help us drill into this practice, which we can only hope will diminish over time, we have the help of comments by His Excellency Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, Secretary of … Continue reading

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Chant for the new prayer for the Jews

Biretta tips to NLM and to Musica Sacra  o{]:¬)  for letting us all know that the new prayer for the Jews on Good Friday with the 1962 Missale Romanum has been realized in Gregorian notation, in PDF format, useful for … Continue reading

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Er Papa e Romanesco

Yesterday the Holy Father visited a parish in the Testaccio area of Rome, along the river, S. Maria Liberatrice.  He was presented with a poem, in honor of his visit, in Romanesco, the dialect of Rome.  The Holy Father said: … Continue reading

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Breakfast: not just for the birds

Outside the window of my office area, I have a bird feeder.  On return to the Sabine Farm from the UK, I immediately refilled the feeder, much to the delight – and I daresay great need – of the rather … Continue reading

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Communion in the hand: a news story and some comments

  UPDATED: 24 Feb 08 – 16:57: Archbp. Ranjith has denied what is reported below.  Check out the bottom of this entry for the details. __________________ An old story has floated back into the news by way of The Earth … Continue reading

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Help with a good hand missal for the Novus Ordo

I got a question from a reader: I am new to the Church so please forgive me if this is a stupid question. I have ordered a 1962 Missal ( your reviews were so good I decided to get both … Continue reading

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