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The future of Westminster… what are the odds?

I am very pleased to report that my friend His Hermeneuticality Fr. Tim Finigan is still in the running to be the next Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. As a matter of fact, there are now odds being offered on his … Continue reading

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“Father… why do you use the term ‘Novus Ordo’? Disrespect?”

I got a note via e-mail that bears sharing with the readership. And interesting point is raised.   My emphases: I have a comment about your use of the term "Novus Ordo" regarding the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite…was … Continue reading

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St.Paul/Mpls: dust up at St. Stephen’s

In the ultra-liberal Star Tribune of Minneapolis, there is an interesting though hyper-liberal article by one of their über-liberal columnists.  The piece is about a supremely progressivist parish in Minneapolis, St. Stephen’s.  St. Stephen’s has been a pretty wierd place … Continue reading

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