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Tabbella dei Giuochi Proibiti

One of these days I will have to find one of these in a Roman print shop or second hand boosk seller.  This one is in a restaurant I often go to in Rome. And its from 1962! 

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USA Archdiocese for Military responds to inquiries about TLM

I received an interesting e-mail concerning the implementation of Summorum Pontificum for communities cared for my the Archdiocese for the Military Services.  This is something I have give some thought to and was left scratching my head. What follows is … Continue reading

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Inside Catholic: A Young Father Meets the Old Mass

Inside Catholic has an interesting article which I present with my emphases and comments. A Young Father Meets the Old Massby Steve Skojec   3/08/08 My discovery of the Traditional Latin Mass, now known in the wake of Summorum Pontificum as … Continue reading

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NLM with photo of Dom Gerard’s requiem

NLM has an image from the late Dom Gerard Calvet’s requiem Mass. Dom Gerard was the abbot of the great monastery of Le Barroux. There are more images here.  For example,      

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Sins… absolved or offset?

There is a very funny image over at South Ashford Priest.  Be sure to go over and visit him and read his commentary about confession in crisis.

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Funny cartoon about pre-internet blogging

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The Tablet: Fr. Keith Pecklers, SJ, on Benedict XVI’s vestments

The probable ghost writer of the book with H.E. Piero Marini’s name on it A Challenging Reform, Fr. Keith Pecklers, SJ, has contributed a piece to the ultra-lefty The Tablet.   My emphases and comments. Vested with symbolism Keith F. Pecklers … Continue reading

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Fr. Manlio Sodi sighting

Each year the Sacred Penitentiary (the Church’s venerable tribunal for all things concerning the internal forum, indulgences, etc.) hosts a workshop for deacons and priests about confession and censures.  I attended this several times.  It is a highly instructive course.  … Continue reading

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TML for San Francisco & Santa Rosa … convenient time and place?

This article from the California Catholic Daily was sent by a reader via e-mail.  My emphases and comments: "A convenient and available church” San Francisco archdiocese gains Latin Mass, Santa Rosa diocese loses one The first episcopally-approved Tridentine Mass in … Continue reading

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The chalice for Pope Benedict XVI’s Mass in Washington, D.C.

This is from the website of the Diocese of Tulsa. Chalice Restored for Papal Visit is Back in Washington D.C. 2/26/2008 – EOC Staff A 1938 chalice that will be used when Pope Benedict XVI celebrates Mass during his April … Continue reading

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An 8th grade final examination from 1895

A friend sent me this. Amazing and scary to think what has happened to education. This is the eighth-grade final exam from 1895 in Salina, Kansas, USA .   It was taken from the original document on file at the Smokey … Continue reading

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