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PCED: TLM celebration of St. Joseph on 15 March, Annunciation on 31 March

There has been some confusion among people who need to organize celebrations of Holy Mass using the 1962 Missale Romanum about when the Feast of St. Joseph ought to be celebrated this year, since it falls during Holy Week.  I … Continue reading

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PRAYERCAzT 21: Passion of St. Matthew (Palm Sunday – 1962 Missale Romanum)

Welcome to another installment of What Does the Prayer Really Sound Like? Today we will hear the Passion of St. Matthew, to be sung on Palm Sunday using the 1962 Missale Romanum.   We hear it sung according to the traditional … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict may hear confessions on Good Friday

Pope to hear confessions of Roman youth? Vatican, Mar. 10, 2008 (CWNews.com) – Pope Benedict XVI will hear the confessions of several young people in St. Peter’s basilica on Good Friday, according to the Italian ANSA news service. The Vatican … Continue reading

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Jesuit General Congregation: vote to reaffirm “its own total adhesion to Catholic doctrine”

This in from Zenit…  my emphases and comments. Jesuits Affirm Obedience to Pope General Congregation Approves 5 Decrees, Declaration ROME, MARCH 9, 2008 (Zenit.org).- Obedience to the Pope and the magisterium of the Church is just one of the themes … Continue reading

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Funghellino .. where art thou?

A reader wants to know where one might obtain a funghellino. I don’t know why one couldn’t just use a cake or pastry stand.  They seem to be about the same. 

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Question about singing Good Friday Passion in Extraordinary Form

I got this question via e-mail. Edited and with my emphases: We have had the EF for five years now.  From the start, the Good Friday service in the old rite has been done very strictly.  All Latin, all Gregorian … Continue reading

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Roman ruins found near Peterborough

Stuff that is interesting to me.    ‘Exceptional’ Roman ruins found at WansfordAN "EXCEPTIONAL" ancient Roman site has been discovered in woodland near Peterborough. Despite numerous digs and excavations across the region over the past two centuries, the huge site, … Continue reading

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Card. Kasper: No more changes to Good Friday prayer

This just in… to which WDTPRS reponds, "Duh!" Vatican, Mar. 10, 2008 (CWNews.com) – Despite the disappointment expressed by some Jewish leaders at the revised text of a Good Friday prayer, Pope Benedict XVI does not plan to make any … Continue reading

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CWN’s Phil Lawler on the stupid coverage of the “new sins list”

From CWN… a look at what the media did about the "news seven sins"  The Forum: Not "new sins" but an old media blind spot by Phil Lawlerspecial to CWNews.com Mar. 10, 2008 (CWNews.com) – When he finished his interview … Continue reading

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Brisbane: confusion continues over validity of baptismal form

I am sure you recall that the CDF issued a note about the invalidity of baptisms where the sacramental form was changed to a non-Trinitarian version. This was sparked by what was going on in Brisbane, Australia, where priests were … Continue reading

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