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SF Chronicle on TLM in Oakland

I got a very interesting e-mail from a reader. A reader sent an article from the San Francisco Chronicle with this explanation: Hello Fr. Z! Strange:  in the print newspaper the article is "Latin Mass Makes a Comeback"; but on-line, … Continue reading

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Blog Awards – where’s that Bugatti?

You veteran readers of WDTPRS recall that I was supposed to get a Bugatti Veyron for one of those award things last year.  Remember?  Vincenzo caught a photo from last year. This year, since there don’t seem to be any … Continue reading

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I received this excellent news via e-mail (edited): When ___ and I were in Rome last February the guy at Gamarelli told us that they were busy making various things for the Pope.  I asked him if they had any … Continue reading

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Sermon for Vigil of Easter

I had the honor of being celebrant for the Vigil of Easter, with the 1962 Missale Romanum, at St. Augustine’s Church in S. St. Paul, Minnesota. Here is my sermon. 

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The Holy Father’s Vigil Sermon – theological starting points for liturgy, ad orientem worship

We can approach the Holy Father’s magnificent Easter Vigil sermon on many levels.  Since WDTPRS is mainly interested in our Catholic life of prayer, let’s look at it from the stand point of what Benedict XVI is offering for our … Continue reading

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Oldie PODCAzT 17: For those who must sing the Exsultet in Latin, TLM or NO

If any of you out there must sing the Exsultet in Latin, there is a PODCAzT available with a recording of me doing it, in the Novus Ordo version, a couple years ago and explaining some things about it. UPDATE: … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI – Good Friday – Roman Vestments

        NLM has more!  I loved the use of the ombrellino!  

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CLARIFICATION about something false attributed to me regarding “viri selecti”

I was alerted that at the Q&A section of EWTN’s site, a questioner made a claim about me that is not true in the context of a question about the washing of feet on Holy Thursday. Here is the exchange: … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI: Mass of the Lord’s Supper

The Mass is in his Cathedral, St. John Lateran. Preaching from his cathedra: The viri selecti are getting ready. The Holy Father, girded, on his way:   Washing feet        Just a good shot!  

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How WDTPRS deals with anger? Fun!

Tonight all across the world people will, alas, take note that some priests and bishop have decided to wash the feet of women during the Holy Thursday Mass.  They do this even though they shouldn’t and, probably, know they shouldn’t. … Continue reading

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Times: Vatican tones down Good Friday service to avoid upsetting China

From The Times Online we read: Vatican tones down Good Friday service to avoid upsetting ChinaRichard Owen of The Times in Rome Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, the Archbishop of Hong Kong and a noted critic of Beijing, has "toned down" … Continue reading

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Keep your ears for the Holy Father’s Thursday sermons

Keep your eyes peeled for English translations of the Holy Father’s sermons for the Chrism Mass and the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Wow. Today is too high impact for me to work through a translation. In the EWTN coverage … Continue reading

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EWTN coverage of Holy Father’s Chrism Mass

I watched through the EWTN coverage of the the Holy Father’s Chrism Mass and I have some observations. It could be that the comments of Sandro Magister (and perhaps even on this humble blog) had a bit of an effect.  … Continue reading

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S. St. Paul, MN – St. Augustine’s Church: Triduum – 1962 Missale Romanum

Sacred Triduum will be celebrated with the 1962 Missale Romanum at St. Augustine’s in South St. Paul, MN. Holy Thursday – 8:00 pmGood Friday – 7:30 pmVigil of Easter – 11:00 om  I think because the priests for St. Augustine … Continue reading

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Marshalling his energies….

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope Benedict will reduce his activity at this week’s Good Friday procession by watching most of the service from a vantage point instead of walking around Rome’s ancient Colosseum, a spokesman said on Tuesday. [Entirely understandable.  … Continue reading

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