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1 April: St. Venantius and Leonine distichs

Today is the feast of St. Venantius, bishop and martyr. This fellow is not to be confused with Venantius Fortunatus, whose magnificent poetry we lately heard in the Roman liturgy during Holy Week. Here is his entry in an old … Continue reading

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From the Shrine: Captain Kirche!

I simply must swipe all of these from the Shrine.  They are just too good: Some pretty impressive pictures, I think. Brandon at This Old Church is awesome: Is there a prohibition against clerics using phasers? So is The Lapped … Continue reading

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Where are you?

Here is another snapshot of, very roughly, where some of you are coming from in the last few minutes!  Edison, New Jersey Piedmont, South Carolina Saint Paul, Minnesota Etobicoke, Ontario New Bedford, Massachuse… Rome, Lazio Pennington, New Jersey Berwyn, Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Moving to be close to a good parish and chapel veils (again)

This via e-mail: I am writing with a couple of questions. First off, there is a parish about 4 hours from my home that is beautiful, traditional, offers the Latin Mass as well as many other activities that are unavailable … Continue reading

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PSA: recycling old hand missals

Here is a worthy project.  Biretta tip o{]:¬) to Rise and Pray.  The Latin Mass Society urgently needs donations of Traditional Missals and prayer books in serviceable condition to be recycled to people discovering the Traditional Rite for the first … Continue reading

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Aprille yt is the cruellest moneth (whatever that meneth!)

When I am in need of a little Middle-English, as I am sure many of you also often are, I enjoy the contributions of Geoffrey Chaucer on his posthumous blog.  It is fitting to check him out today of all … Continue reading

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