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QUAERITUR: permanent deacons and the TLM

I got this question via e-mail.  I have treated it here on the blog a couple time already but it bears a review. Dear Father,                      I am a seminarian and I have a quick question that I would like … Continue reading

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Knoxville, TN: First Solemn Latin Mass in Decades

Frequent reader/commentor Henry sent the following: Knoxville Catholics’ First Solemn Latin Mass in Decades At 2 pm on Sunday, April 20 at Knoxville’s historic Holy Ghost Catholic Church — currently celebrating its centennial — area Catholics will enjoy the city’s … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: attending an SSPX on a Sunday – obligation fulfilled?

I got a question via e-mail: I have very close friends who attend the SSPX masses. They have invited me to attend the confirmation of one of their children in St Mary Kansas. If I go I will be there … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Celebrating ad orientem: “I am not the focus of attention”

A while back I posted that Fr. Dwight who has a blog Standing on my head, has begun celebrating Holy Mass ad orientem.  I was hoping for updates. I have one. This is on his blog: After celebrating Mass facing … Continue reading

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A KC priest on Denver’s new Auxilary: “This is huge!”

I got this note from a very fine priest I met at the Kansas City blognic: I am sure that you have heard about the new bishops named early this morning. [I sure have!] Msgr. Conley, currently of the Diocese of … Continue reading

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The Four Last Things

When I am not parsing posts or Latin verbs, when I am not hacking through paragraphs of Ambrose, when I am not at my oraisons, I sometimes am reading… … SAVAGE CHICKENS. I was catching up on a few recent … Continue reading

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I always enjoy the sight of the FedEx truck coming up the driveway.  Who knows what it’ll be this time? This time I received a mysterious box. "What on earth could this be?", quoth I. On further inspection I noticed … Continue reading

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Nun saves burning man with her habit

With a tip of the biretta to the Shrine      o{]:¬) Nun saves burning man with her habit Apr 8 2008 A NUN saved a burning man from death by jumping on him – then smothering the flames with her habit. … Continue reading

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Holy Father’s upcoming prayer at Ground Zero

The booklet with all the services for the Pope’s USA trip is available.  (There is an appendix in the back with prayers in Latin, btw.) This caught my eye: O God of love, compassion, and healing,look on us, people of … Continue reading

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Fr. Trigilio on a tear! And he may be right!

I found a pretty good blast over at The Black Biretta where my esteemed colleague Fr. John Trigilio has something to say about what we might expect during upcoming media coverage of Benedict XVI’s apostolic visit to the Land of … Continue reading

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