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TLM Missa Cantata at St. Benedict’s Chapel, Norfolk VA

[uc] It was my great honor to celebrate Mass for Fr. Willis’s flock at St. Benedict’s Chapel in Norfolk, VA.  I met some wonderful people at the chapel.  They are looking forward to starting their building project for a new … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: going to SSPX chapel when you could go to legitimate chapel

I got a question via e-mail: Dear Fr. Z., I thank you for your great column. It is the liturgical DrudgeReport, the one I check whenever I can. In your recent post on attending Mass at SSPX and fulfillment of one’s Sunday … Continue reading

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A visit to WISCONSIN!

After the very nice Missa cantata with the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite this morning at St. Benedict’s Chapel, wherein yours truly was celebrant, (sorry, no photos… I was busy) I was priviledged to have a visit to the … Continue reading

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Yankees to Pope Benedict: keep off the grass

I am reading in an Italian paper this morning, Corriere della sera that when His Holiness of Our Lord, Pope Benedict XVI, Vicar of Christ now gloriously reigning goes to … grrrr… Yankee Stadium, the he will not be permitted … Continue reading

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