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17th century Marian Apparition approved in France

With a tip of the biretta to te Cafeteria: From the IHT A Roman Catholic bishop said Sunday that the church has officially recognized that the Virgin Mary appeared to a teenage shepherd girl in the French Alps starting in … Continue reading

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Some interesting ideas for your evening viewing

This is in from Space Weather: ETA AQUARID METEOR SHOWER:  If you see a meteor flit across the sky tonight, it could be a piece of Halley’s Comet. Earth is crossing a stream of dusty debris from Halley and this … Continue reading

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Excellent Pastor’s Page: Fr. Welzbacher strikes again!

Pretty often the "pastor’s page" of parish a parish bulletin offers pretty thin gruel indeed. At times, however, they can be a truly useful tool.  Take for example what went on via the bulletin in Greenville! Then there is the … Continue reading

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A blog about the TLM at Lourdes

You all might want to go check out the new blog about the TLM at Lourdes called… wait for it… TLM Lourdes. Oddly, I have never been to Lourdes, and this gives me greater incentive to visit. This blog seems … Continue reading

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Great chair!

Now this is a seriously festive chair! The Holy Father went to the Basilica Liberiana for a recitation of the Holy Rosary (it’s May, after all). He also had on a great stole over his white "paschaltide" mozzetta. Here is … Continue reading

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Great news in Oceanside, CA!

Great news from California came by e-mail: The pastor of St. Margaret’s, Fr. Cavanna Wallace, announced at today’s morning Mass that, beginning tonight, the 6:00 PM Sunday Mass will be offered in the Extraordinary Form (1962 Missal). The last few … Continue reading

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Time: Benedict may have killed off American Catholic liberalism

This in from Time.  Let’s see what is going on, with my emphases and comments. Saturday, May. 03, 2008Is Liberal Catholicism Dead?By David Van Biema He may not have been thinking about it at the time, but Pope Benedict, in … Continue reading

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Changes for Vicariate of Rome

The great Camillo Card. Ruini, one of the pivotal figures in the Italian Church’s recovery of her voice in the public square and close collaborator of the late John Paul II and now Benedict XVI, is retiring soon from his … Continue reading

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PCED’s Card. Castrillon Hoyos: celebrate TLM in parishes even when it isn’t requested

An alert WDTPRSer, our friend Henry, caught an interesting comment in an article from CNA on the new DVD being made by the FSSP – which I haven’t seen yet and therefore reserve comment about. Let’s take a look the … Continue reading

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Need to reduce blood pressure? Join a schola cantorum!

This is in from the Daily Mail: Gregorian chanting ‘can reduce blood pressure and stress’ Last updated at 16:03pm on 2nd May 2008 Stress levels could be reduced simply by participating in some Gregorian chanting, researchers claimed today. Dr Alan … Continue reading

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Get in touch with your inner gladiator

This is in from the Chicago Tribune: LETTER FROM ROME Sword and sandal class? Only in gladiator school Tunic fashion meets Punic action when the Tribune’s Christine Spolar visits a history buff’s dream academy. But fear not, citizen: No one … Continue reading

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WDTPRS: Sunday after Ascenion Thursday

Here is the last article I dashed off for The Wanderer about the Sunday after Ascension Thursday in the 1972 Missale Romanum: What Does the Prayer Really Say?   Sunday after Ascension Thursday (1962 Missale Romanum) During Pope Benedict’s apostolic visit … Continue reading

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