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Oriole sightings, and others

Just when I thought Mr. Oriole was being elusive. Mr. Oriole has a sweet beak.  He likes what Hummingbirds get and goes after slices of oranges. The Mourning Doves are getting ready to make more Mourning Doves. Mr. Pewee has … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Clerical funerals

I received this question: For the funeral of a cleric, I know that the body is dressed in the liturgical vesture proper to their order and rank.  Does this include a particular color for the vestments or is it what … Continue reading

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Corpus Christi Mass: Benedict XVI gives Communion only on the tongue to people kneeling

During the Holy Father’s Corpus Christi Mass, the Holy Father gave Communion only to people kneeling at a kneeler set up before him. This is a very interesting development. The Holy Father has been trying to provoke conversation and a … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI celebrating Corpus Christi in Rome – Communion at kneeler & on the tongue

The Holy Father is celebrating the Mass of Corpus Christi in Rome. Remember… today is Corpus Christi, not Sunday, in the traditional Roman calendar. His sermon, in Italian. There will be a procession with the Blessed Sacrament at the end … Continue reading

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Prayer request

Please pray for Fr. McAfee, a frequent commenter here.  A reader wrote to let us know that he had a stroke.

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Bird Update

"So, how are things at the feeder these days?" Glad you asked. Here are a few of the latest pix. We know him very well now.  This is Mr. Indigo Bunting.  We saw the Missus the other day, but she … Continue reading

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The Pope to put limits on concelebrations

At last! This from the Italian Panorama. Farewell to big time Masses – The Pope to place limit celebrations No more big "show" Masses: The Pope want to put the brakes on huge concelebrations with hundreds of priests, often far … Continue reading

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Technical issues

Folks, I think there are some technical problems with the server today. I am getting reports that something is wrong with the combox. I am also having problems with my e-mail. It might take a while to work this out.  … Continue reading

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Where are you?

Here is a snapshot from the last 10 minutes or so of some places where readers are.  Keep in mind that the locations are approximate.  I cut out some that say simply "Germany", or "Unkown". Cheltenham, Gloucesters… Minneapolis, Minnesota Washington, … Continue reading

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