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QUAERITUR: Acolyte as subdeacon for NO 1st Mass

I got this urgent question by e-mail: Fr. Z –  I am a transitional Deacon preparing for Ordination and First Mass on June 28 and 29 respectively.  I would like my friend, who is an installed acolyte and fellow seminarian … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: More than one Sunday TLM in a parish?

I received this by e-mail from a priest: Fr. Z, Long time reader, first time questioner. I’ve been celebrating the TLM since Winter ’06. In my parish, I celebrate the TLM on Tuesdays and Sundays for the faithful. My question … Continue reading

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Pure joy: Enjoying the fruits of Benedict’s Marshall Plan!

I received word from a close friend, the great Roman, Fabrizio Azzola, who also helps staff the COL Forum, that his latest child, wisely named “John”, has been baptized, the first child to be so brought into the firm embrace … Continue reading

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We are in German today

I got this by e-mail.  If you have some German, check out this blog! Dear Fr. Zuhlsdorf, just wanted to tell you, I liked your "Pope Benedict is changing the conversation" so much, I translated and republished [here]. Keep on … Continue reading

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KC: Glorious new altars for the TLM parish – eye candy

Everything is up to date in Kansas City. They’ve gone just about as far as they can…. with building their beautiful new altars for Old St. Patrick’s Church in downtown KC. This is the church which H.E. Most Reverend Robert … Continue reading

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Vatican: end of Marian month at San Pietro

The conclusion of the month dedicated to Mary was broadcast, live, this evening from the Piazza of San Pietro. The Holy Father came at the end and gave a splendid brief reflection.

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N. Alabama: TLMs available

I got this by e-mail: Two Masses this Weekend I’m happy to announce that the Extraordinary Form will be available both in Birmingham and in Huntsville this Sunday, June 1. Bishop David Foley will offer Low Mass in Birmingham at … Continue reading

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Thanks to readers and Sabine update – amazing new bird!

First things first. I am very grateful to a couple readers who have enriched my life with new books and … a good thermos! PP of CA was very kind and found a thermos on my amazon wish list.  This … Continue reading

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A waspish challenge

The Liturgical Bee has received a challenge from a waspish, a-liturgical wasp. This is from KK of KC.   I am reminded of an entry a while back where someone said of another person that s\he was being "waspish".  There … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: During confession what was the priest saying?

From a reader: Today, during Holy Mass, I went to confession. The priest told me to say my Act of contrition, then he would absolve me. So, as I started to say it, he began to whisper something in Latin. … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Female altar servers

I received a question from a reader…. a very long, convoluted question (please keep them short or I just can’t wade through them), and so I edited it: Dear Fr. Z,                In my home parish we are trying to get … Continue reading

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