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Card. George gives Fr. Pfleger a well-deserved vacation

I have stayed out of this fray, pretty much at least… though I commented on the very very troubling nature of the preposterous and dangerous "Black Liberation Theology". This is worthy of note. Here is the text of a statement … Continue reading

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The Pewee/Phoebe debate continues

In a recent comment, one WDTPRSe has claimed that in one photo there is a Phoebe, in another a Pewee. Solomonic?  To easy? In any event, I haven’t yet posted about … the nest. These critters are now fledged and … Continue reading

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TLM Workshop … for laypeople

Holy Church asks for full, conscious and active participation at every Holy Mass, regardless of the form, whether the Novus Ordo or the more traditional, Extraordinary Form. However, this sort of participation has often been misunderstood.  For decades the dominant … Continue reading

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Where are you?

Here are a few of the places you kind readers are when coming to visit during the last few minutes.  These are approximations, not always exact locations, and I cut out the "unknown" entries, and the vague "United States" or … Continue reading

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