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New Sabine Bird Sighting

These newcomers are not aptly named, I’m afraid. Behold Bombycilla cedrorum, who really ought to be named Bacculaphagus damnatus. They even have masks, the thieves, and absolutely no shame.   This is Cedar Waxwing. About a dozen of the little … Continue reading

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Irritation. I read today that the second half of the final season of Battlestar Galactica will not begin until January 2009.  2009, d’ya hear? Grrr. Though I have also heard there may be a "prequel" series pilot in the works.  … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Internet Prayer – audio Brasilian Portugese

I received an audio of the Internet Prayer in Brasilian Portugese! Thanks!

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I often check in at Engrish, which site digs up some fun "translations" into a sort of English perhaps more appreciated by the authors of the lame-duck ICEL prayers. Here is a sample that amused me: Wonderfurry fravorfur sandrich, no … Continue reading

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Another motivation parody

Orthometer strikes again. Some bishops are fighting the Holy See’s norms for liturgical translation and the most recent draft prepared by the reconstructed ICEL.  They essentially think that the language is too hard, which implies that they think people are … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Distinction of Masses, TLM and NO

This question came in via e-mail: Father, a brief question. In the TLM, there is a clear distinction between the Low Mass, the High Mass, the Pontifical Mass, etc. Is there such a distinction in the Novus Ordo? I mean, … Continue reading

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