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Bp. Rivest of Chicoutimi: I’m in charge here, not Benedict XVI – no TLM!

I received an alarming note with a translation of a story in French from the site DICI about how His Excellency Most Reverend André Rivest, Bishop of Chicoutimi in Canada has a very different view of Summorum Pontificum than some … Continue reading

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First post from the new server!

We’re back and running. Here is what has happened so far. We upgraded from a 1GB server to a 2GB server, which gives the database more swap. We are now also behind a "virtual IP address" which lives on a … Continue reading

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I am happy to announce that we have added Croatian to the Internet Prayer page. Thanks to Tomislav for the help!

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ALERT: blog problems today – expansion over the weekend

The traffic has grown to the point where the MySQL database is falling over.  Therefore, we must expand the server infrastructure. It’s time to grow again, folks!  What will probably happen is, over the weekend, we will spread everything out … Continue reading

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Bartholomew I to Eastern Catholics: return to Orthodoxy without breaking with Rome

This is in from the RISU Patriarch of Constantinople Proposes Eastern Catholicism’s Return to Orthodoxy 19.06.2008, [12:10] // Inter-Christian relations // Munich—In a recent interview with the German ecumenical journal Cyril and Methodius, the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church in … Continue reading

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