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You want liturgical eye candy?

Take a look at this coverage by the incredibly connected NLM. A sample:

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QUAERITUR: Maniple required for TLM? “Reformed” vestments?

I got this question by e-mail: Greetings Father, A question that the bishop and I were discussing today…If a priest celebrates Mass according to the Missal of 1962, is he REQUIRED to wear a maniple?  Certainly it would be preferable, … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes SSPX things are brighter than they may seem

No sooner do I get back from Mass but…  one of my spies, a very reliable person whom I trust, sends me this:   I have heard from a source who has first-hand information that Cardinal Castrillon is happy with … Continue reading

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I will be starting Mass in about 15 minutes as of this post. PRAY!  PRAY NOW! May God the Holy Spirit soften hearts and illuminate minds.May St. Paul, whose year we celebrate, help us all to greater unity.May St. Peter, … Continue reading

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Reuters: SSPX “answer without response” to Vatican ultimatum

This is posted by Reuters. My emphases and comments. FaithWorldReligion, faith and ethics SSPX “answer without response” to Vatican ultimatum Posted by: Tom Heneghan The schismatic [The writer is not going with the nuanced position of Card. Castrillon Hoyos, namely, … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Resources for Anglicans thinking about the Roman Church

I want to put this question, which I received via e-mail, out there to you readers.  I edited it a little. I have been reading your blog as a "lurker" for some months now and give thanks regularly for your … Continue reading

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Opinion piece on TLM in Charotte Observer

Here is an opinion piece in the Charlotte Observer. My emphases and comments. IN MY OPINIONLatin Mass is fine, but I like the new waysMARY C. CURTISmcurtis@charlotteobserver.com When in Rome – and you need to go to Mass – do … Continue reading

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20 Years After: 30 June 1988 PRAY! PRAY NOW!

Twenty years ago today, Archbp. Marcel Lefebvre, founder of the SSPX, consecrated four men as bishops against the expressed will of Pope John Paul II.  Everyone involved, Lefebvre, the four men and co-consecrator Bp. Antonio de Castro Mayer, incurred a … Continue reading

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Rodari on Benedict and Communion in the hand

For those of you who read Italian, Paolo Rodari has an interesting piece on Communion in the Hand and what Pope Benedict is doing. I don’t have a lot of energy for translation today.  Maybe later.  In the meantime, I … Continue reading

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WDTPRS 30 June (2002MR): Proto-martyrs of Rome

In 412 St. Augustine was preaching on the meaning of a psalm in the city of Carthage.  Remember that Augustine had stenographers who wrote with astonishing accuracy everything he said.  You can hear the "oratorical" quality of this piece.  You … Continue reading

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