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PODCAzT 66: don Camillo (part I): VM – advice on getting TLMs & “pro multis”

Our guest today is the fictional don Camillo Tarocci, (+ A.D. … ?) parish priest of "The Little World" created by Giovanni Guareschi. I begin a new project, namely, to read stories from The Little World of Don Camillo.  These … Continue reading

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Asps in Rochester

For this I sadly tip my biretta to Ten Reasons  o{]:¬( I want you to read this in light of certain entries on this blog about the whole ghastly wymynpriest thing (except for what "that blonde" had to say, of … Continue reading

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Cloud-kissing Ilion

A cool story.  Biretta tip to rogueclassicism   o{]:¬)   From the Turkish Press: Excavations in Truva (Troy) Ancient City (the archaeological site at Hisarlik in Turkey was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1998) have been continued … Continue reading

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LA STAMPA: Hans KÜNG on Pres. Bush and Pope Benedict XVI

Today I present  This editorial was in La Stampa, an Italian daily based on Torino (Turin).  The translation is provided by WDTPRS’s good friend Fabrizio Azzola. It is hard to know whether to laugh or cry reading this. My emphases … Continue reading

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Mundelein Liturgical Institute (Chicago): required course on TLM

I am pleased to read this.  Biretta tip to CMR   o{]:¬) My emphases and comments.   Liturgical Institute, Mundelein, Adds Course on the Extraordinary Form One year after the release of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, The Liturgical Institute at … Continue reading

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I am thinking about making a PODCAzT.  If you want to leave voice mail, soon would be good if you want your message to be considered. BTW… the last few messgaes have been mostly asking for a call back.  Don’t … Continue reading

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UK: Petition to bishops for the TLM

This just in.  I have a slight problem with this petition, though the idea and motive is certainly good! Remember that under the provisions of Summorum Pontificum, parish priests don’t need permission or help from the local bishops to establish … Continue reading

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An interesting Curial shift coming up

Here is an interesting story I have been sitting on for various reasons.  The news is hard to confirm, and you never know until the actual change takes place… but… It looks like the high profile, highly efficient, very capable, … Continue reading

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Loomes Bookseller: sold!

I picked this up from Orbis, which you should look at often. Congratulations are due! An old college buddy of mine, Andrew Poole, just purchased Loome Thelogical Booksellers, located in the state of Minnesota, USA. Link to Loome Books here: … Continue reading

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A new journal

I understand a new journal is to be launched: Usus Antiquior. Here is the blurb: Usus Antiquior A journal dedicated to the Sacred Liturgy edited by Laurence Paul Hemming & Alcuin Reid under the auspices of the Society of St. … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: advice for a wymynpryst wannabe

I tip my biretta to my friends Fr. Blake and His Hermeneuticalness  o{]:¬)  for links to the blog of, "that blonde", as Fr. Blake quips. It seems that the Mulier Fortis has finally succumbed to the forces of social pressure, … Continue reading

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ANGELUS: Interviews SSPX excomm’d bishops (part II: Tissier de Mallerais)

Here is a second part of the Angelus interview with three of the four excommunicated bishops of the SSPX.  Part One was here.  Today we look at what SSPX Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais has to say, twenty years after … Continue reading

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Good news from St. Louis: reconciliation draws closer

Interesting information from the Archdiocese of St. Louis. You might remember that in that great city there was a bit of a war between the chancery and a national parish with Polish heritage, St. Stanislaus.  The parish had fallen into … Continue reading

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Is it just me… or… do you… I’m just asking… and…

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Card. Dias to Lambeth: “spiritual Alzheimer’s … ecclesial Parkinson’s”

Damian Thompson has an interesting post at Holy Smoke about the continuing Anglican Lambeth hijinx. My emphases and comments: Anglicans facing ‘spiritual Alzheimer’s’ says Cardinal at Lambeth Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 07:01 AM GMT A senior Vatican Cardinal visiting the … Continue reading

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