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John Allen on Benedict XVI’s recent conference with priests

This is really interesting from my friend the nearly ubiquitous fair-minded former Rome correspondent for the ultra-leftist NCRep.  I was once ‘more severe’ than today, Benedict XVI tells priestsPosted on Aug 7, 2008 05:19am CST. Print Friendly Version By JOHN L. … Continue reading

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9 Aug: Fr. Z in Cleveland – blognic

On 8 August I fly to Cleveland where I will be for a few days. We have said that there will be a blognic on Saturday morning 9 August. The plans must be firmed up now, I think. Let’s meet, … Continue reading

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Quad Cities: regular TLMs in Davenport and Iowa City

From a WDTPRSer: Reverend Father, I first must tell you that I greatly enjoy reading WDTPRS. I find myself on the site daily. That being said, would you mind posting the following information on your blog? Una Voce Quad Cities … Continue reading

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Update on WDTPRS

Under another entry I made a comment that I was considering shutting down the blog. I have since gotten lots of urgent and unhappy e-mails. Sorry about that. Let me clarify. I guess what I am really getting at is … Continue reading

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Another “cheat sheet” for the new translation: for lay people

The priest who brought other priests the "cheat sheet" with the new approved translation of the parts of Mass pertaining to the priest, now has one for lay people. As he wrote to me: The attached, which can be printed … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Five-fold scapular

I had a question from a reader.  Perhaps some priests might chime in with their experiences.  Personally, I have never been asked to bless one of these or invest anyone.  But… lets get to the question. I recently purchased a … Continue reading

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Your funeral experiences

I am right now talking on the phone with a friend (who is beating me up for even thinking about changing the blog). I am presently being asked to ask you something: Describe some of your experiences of Catholic funerals, … Continue reading

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Some cheerful English martyrs

Over at Thoughts from Walney Island there is this good entry: Today, my diocese [Lancaster, UK] commemorates St Edmund Arrowsmith S.J., St Ambrose Barlow, Blessed James Bell and John Finch ( Laymen), Richard Hayhurst, Robert Nutter O.P. and Edward Thwing, … Continue reading

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