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QUAERITUR: Resources for explain Mass and things to children

I think you readers can help with this one.   Dear Father Zuhlsdorf, I am a cradle Catholic with three children, we have a family rule that on the way home from Mass the children can ask me questions about … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: The “liturgist”

You know the jokes… What’s the difference between a liturgist and a terrorist?  … or You find yourself with two terrorists and liturgist and only have two bullets in your gun…. So, today I received this question: Fr. Z,                I … Continue reading

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England/Rome: 12-27 September

I will probably be in England for the launch of Usus Antiquior on 14 September and then drop down to Rome for a few days for the conference on Summorum Pontificum.

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Maryknoll priest who attended fake wymym thing called in

Remember the sad news that an infamous Maryknoll priest, Fr. Roy Bourgeois, attended a fake ordination of a wymynpryst? There have been some consequences, apparently. Priest to meet Maryknoll leaders over role in Womenpriests’ ceremony By Dennis SadowskiCatholic News Service … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Handbook for Laundering Liturgical Linens

You might recall that some time ago I posted a preview of a booklet projected by Angelus Press. It is now out: Handbook for Laundering Liturgical Linens. This is a very useful booklet! Anyone with a parish or chapel who … Continue reading

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A negligent Fr. Z thanks readers

I have been remiss in send out thanks to readers who have use my amazon wish list to send me items as wondrous as they are going to be time consuming. In my defense, however, I was away from the … Continue reading

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Breviary Psalter variations: drilling into Psalm 1

I have a guest at the Sabine Farm at the moment, an erudite priest friend with whom I can actually work directly in Latin as we discuss interesting topics. This morning our conversation drifted over our morning post-Mass coffee to … Continue reading

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Variations on “Save the Liturgy – Save the World”

Here is an interesting article from Catholic Exchange.  A kind reader alerted me.  Let’s see what it says, with my emphases and comments.

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Shroud of Turin news.

In another entry, there is considerable people are table-tennising their views around about whether our Blessed Mother experienced physical death at the end of her earthly life. Here is another interesting question: Do you believe the Shroud of Turin is … Continue reading

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St. Louis: TLM at Shrine of St. Joseph

Once again I fulfill my short-term destiny as a telephone pole near a campus coffee house, full of staples and current events notices. A reader sent this worthy notification: Father Z: I wonder if you might be able to plug … Continue reading

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