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Sound pronunciation of Church Latin vs. spittle-flecked rigidity

I just got off the phone with a representative of a Catholic publisher.  He had some questions about the pronunciation of liturgical Latin. His experience in digging into this issue is much the same as what I have found through … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can pastors deny the use of the church to visiting priests/groups?

I got these questions via e-mail: I have a question dealing with the proper understanding of the Motu Propio Summorum Pontificum. A hypothetical diocese has a policy in which the Extraordinary Form is only allowed where explicitly permitted by the … Continue reading

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PODCAzT curiosities: B16 & the snake v. Fr. Z & Fr. Finigan

Check out the PODCAzT page. [uc] UPDATE: 21 AUGUST 17:59 GMT 2289 – Pope and snake, et al. 2291 – Fr. Z and Fr. Finigan, et al. And His Hermeneuticalness Fr. Finigan’s interview in PODCAzT 64 has taken the lead! … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: TLM servers and kissing stuff

A question was received: Dear Fr. Z, I am an altar server at a TLM since last month. I read in a liturgical manual written by a priest of the FSSP that when the server handles the cruets to the … Continue reading

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Pope invited to visit China

A friend sent this story from the AP: Beijing bishop urges pope to visit China Wed Aug 20, 4:27 PM ET The Beijing bishop appointed by China‘s state-controlled Catholic Church said in an interview Wednesday that he hopes Pope Benedict … Continue reading

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How do I get to be one of these?

I just learned that the Romanian Orthodox have the title for priests: Great Ecclesiarch WOW!  We need titles like this!  

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L’OssRom: Knights Templar were innocent

There was an interesting article in L’Osservatore Romano today, in Italian, about the Knights Templar.  Alas, their articles scroll off and soon become unavailable. The Times picked up this story.  I don’t have the energy or time to translate the … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: If priest denies Communion when I kneel

I got this by e-mail: Dear Father, Last week during a trip to ________, I went to the _______ Cathedral, and attempted to receive communion kneeling, but as I knelt the priest gave me a sigh, at first ignored me, … Continue reading

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