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Archbp. Chaput (RC-Denver) vs. Speaker Pelosi (D-CA)

From Catholic News Agency.  My emphases and comments: Denver archbishop slams Pelosi on Church teachings and abortion Rep. Nancy Pelosi / Archbishop Chaput Denver, Aug 25, 2008 / 03:27 pm (CNA).- In a statement eloquently titled “On the Separation of … Continue reading

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More on boys “playing Mass”

Some people were a bit concerned about the vocations poster from the Diocese of Raleigh depicting a young boy " "playing" priest and celebrating Mass.   Frankly, I find nothing wrong with that.  There seems nothing irreverent about what he is … Continue reading

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An ancient Roman poet vs. some Catholic politicians

In the light of what I have been reading about a certain politician and his unwillingness to vote to defend the rights of babies who survive abortion attempts and manage to be born anyway, … and in light of what … Continue reading

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NatRev: Lopez on Pelosi’s gaffs on the beginning of life

Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review had interesting observations about Speaker Pelosi’s Meet The Press inept pontifications. What Makes a Speaker Catholic?Buying into Pelosi’s personal church. By Kathryn Jean Lopez Denver — “If you’re Catholic and you disagree with your … Continue reading

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Hosts made from genetically-modified wheat

This interesting article from the Irish Independent raises questions.. though not many: Eucharist from [Genetically-Modified] wheat ‘contravenes canon law’ By JEROME REILLY Sunday August 24 2008 Genetically-modified (GM) wheat may not be be suitable under canon law to be used … Continue reading

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Rush vivisecting Speaker Pelosi

In hour two of his program today, Rush vivisected Speaker Nancy Pelosi on what she said on Meet The Press. UPDATE:  Here is the transcript. Listen To It!  WMP | RealPlayer Audio clips available for Rush 24/7 members only — … Continue reading

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Zheng Ding: 74-year old bishop arrested in China

Spero News gives us this story: Elderly Catholic bishop arrested in China Chinese officials arrived on the morning of August 24 to arrest 74 year-old Bishop Jia Zhiguo, the twelfth such arrest since 2004. His whereabouts are unknown. By Martin … Continue reading

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Brisbane: renegade parish to fly right or be shut down

There is quite a stir in Brisbane, Australia. Apparently St. Mary’s parish is competing with St. Joan of Arc in Minneapolis for most "Weirdest Parish Tolerated". St Mary’s Church told to toe Vatican line or be shut down By Margaret … Continue reading

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