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The politics of colors

I think I’ve worked it out.
On the first night of the Democrat Convention, the color palette was all blues.  The stage and trappings: all blues.  Michelle Obama, wife of the candidate, shows up in blue and speaks here piece.
On the … Continue reading

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St. Monnica avoided alcoholism

From Serge Lancel’s Augustine, the best biography I know of the great Bishop of Hippo (p. 8 ff – emphases mine):
Before devoting himself entirely to Mother Church, as he approached the age of forty, Augustine had had a concubine … Continue reading

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The Hill: GOP demands Pelosi apologize for mangling Catholic teaching

This article from The Hill was sent by a reader on The Hill:
GOP demands Pelosi apology for abortion comments
By Bob Cusack
Posted: 08/27/08 01:24 PM [ET]
DENVER — House Republicans are demanding that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) apologize for her recent comments … Continue reading

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What Does Augustine Really Say? (What does Pelosi not understand?)

Catholic dissenter and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi thinks she can use a 1500 year old sound bite from St. Augustine (+430) to confound the clear teaching of the Catholic Church on when human life begins.
We need a public … Continue reading

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OLDIE PODCAzT 44: St. Monica dies, Augustine weeps; Pope Benedict greets American seminarians

Here is an Oldie PODCAzT about St. Monnica, whose feast is celebrated today in the post-Conciliar calendar.
Today we hear from our frequent guest, St. Augustine of Hippo who speaks … Continue reading

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BLOGGERS UNITE! Keep shaping the conversation on pro-abortion Catholic politicians.

For the last few days we have been focusing our attentions on Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), VP candidate Sen. Joseph Biden (D-DE), et. al., and reopening the issue of Holy Communion for pro-abortion Catholic politicians.
The Catholic blogosphere has been … Continue reading

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Exceptionally good article on the pro-abortion politician issue

This excellent piece from the gentlemanly Sandro Magister of Chiesa deserves your close attention.
My emphases and comments.
Obama’s Pick for Vice President Is Catholic. But the Bishops Deny Him Communion
The reason is that Biden is a staunch … Continue reading

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