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Detroit: An Assumption Grotto Theatrical Production!

From a reader… something really interesting! Apparently, the great Fr. Eduard Perrone, of Assumption Grotto Church in Detriot, has written the score for musical.  There will soon be performances of this musical.  Go here for the details. But here is … Continue reading

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S. Africa, Johannesburg – TLM alert

A reader send the following: I known that you have a number of South African readers and I would appreciate it if you could publicize this event on your blog. The Traditional Latin Mass will begin to be offered at the … Continue reading

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A poet remembered

Today is the anniversary of the death  8 B.C. of the ancient Roman poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus – Horace.

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An intense Thanksgiving experience

During my years in Rome, especially before greater connectivity, there were times when I completely forgot the existence of Thanksgiving.  It would come upon me like an epiphany and I would often feel great isolation.  I was not part of … Continue reading

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I’m not lazy

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Frozen in time

A reader sent the following photo and comment.  I thought it germane to our discussion of concelebration, in another thread, and the interest of many that the older form of Mass be offered everywhere. St Charles Seminary, Carthagenia,  Ohio.  former … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Mass alert

Today, Mass will be at 1800 GMT 1300 EST. I will be saying Mass in thanksgiving for benefactors.

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PODCAzT 74: A hymn to Christ the King dissected – before and after Vatican II; a proclamation; “Seize the Day” in Scots

A change of pace today, between the last Sunday of the liturgical year and the first Sunday of Advent!  I dissect a hymn in the Liturgy of the Hours for the Solemnity of Christ the King in the newer, post-Conciliar … Continue reading

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Request for Propers

A reader wrote to ask if anyone has the Latin propers for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. John Neumann for the Liturgia horarum at hand?    

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Mass at quarter past the hour

I am about to say Mass at quarter past the hour. Please unite your prayers to the Holy Sacrifice.  Ask your angels to be present in your stead. There are no distances.

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About my UK and USA skype call-in numbers

I got this e-mail from skype, which I use a lot: The online number:  +442081231545,  +16513144554 will expire in 7 days. To keep using this number, please log into your account to extend the subscription. I originally got these numbers, … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Confession of tendencies and spiritual direction

From a reader following on recent entries about confession: Dear Fr. Z, I try to go to confession often – biweekly if not weekly.  I, like another commenter on your post, usually confess tendencies along with sins.  Is confession an … Continue reading

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I am very pleased to announce that a kind reader sent a copy of the now famous and wides-spread Internet Prayer in a new language! We now have Lithuanian! The prayer was originally written in Latin.  It has now been … Continue reading

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Advent on your iPhone

Those of you who have an iPhone may want to know about a fun application for Advent for $0.99. With a tip of my biretta to Hugh Hewitt   o{]:¬)  I learned about ihabitus While not explicitly Catholic, I read on … Continue reading

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My position? It should be safe, legal and rare!

I was sent the following great photo by The Crescat.   o{]:¬) In religious communities and seminaries, anywhere many priests were living, there were chapels with multiple altars where the priests could say Mass each day.  Seminarians and novices would generally … Continue reading

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