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Fr. Z’s 20 Tips For Making A Good Confession

In light of Archbp. Nienstedt’s initiative, and the good discussion it is raising here, I thought I would repost my list, useful to some, called… Fr. Z’s 20 Tips For Making A Good Confession   o{]:¬) We should…   1) …examine … Continue reading

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Archbp. Nienstedt’s initiative about confession: “a total re-catechesis”: part 1

We have all heard of C & E Catholics.  There are those Catholics who think about going to church twice a year, Christmas and Easter.  Many more feel the impulse to make a confession before the Masses of these great … Continue reading

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Antonio Card. Cañizares Llovera, Archbishop of Toledo, on “Christophobia”

What sort of man is the one rumored to be taking over the Congregation for Divine Worship? In Spain he has been called the "Little Ratzinger". Here is a new tessera for the mosaic: Spanish cardinal criticizes removing crucifixes from … Continue reading

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Novus Ordo orchestral Mass alert

Funny how things work out.  I was just talking about this Mass the other day. This is from a priest reader: Dear Father Zuhlsdorf, Here at Holy Redeemer [in El Dorado, AR] we will celebrate the first Sunday of Advent … Continue reading

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“The Lord doesn’t resign Himself to lose us”

Nothing any of us little mortals can do is so bad that the infiinite power and love of God cannot forgive.  While there is breath and live in us, He does not stop offering us sufficient graces whereby we may … Continue reading

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TLM report: Westminster Cathedral

I received this from the Latin Mass Society: 24 November 2008 Latin Mass Society Celebrates Its Annual Requiem Mass in Westminster Cathedral Father Antony Conlon, National Chaplain of the Latin Mass Society, celebrated a High Mass of Requiem in the … Continue reading

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Lost toolbag spotted and aurora watch!

Space Weather News for Nov. 25th ISS TOOLBAG:  A backpack-sized tool bag inadvertently dropped from the International Space Station last week is orbiting Earth and has been sighted from the ground.  The tool bag is surprisingly bright, about 6th or … Continue reading

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Bp. Slattery: ad orientem in the Cathedral of Tulsa

In the news bulletin of the Cathedral of Tulsa, there is news that His Excellency Most Reverend Edward Slattery "…will celebrate the 10 a.m. Mass ad orientem (that is, facing the same direction as the people) during Advent and Christmastime. … Continue reading

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A note from a priest about the “gloom spreaders”

From a priest reader.  My emphases and comments: Reverend and Dear Father Zuhlsdorf, Firstly, thank you for your blog, which I enjoy reading very much.  I first became aware of it through a search for some or other phrase in … Continue reading

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Report on the TLM with Mozart’s “Sparrow Mass” in Kalamazoo

UPDATE: I added the audio of the sermon for the Mass. ____________ Our friends at St. Mary’s in Kalamazoo have sent photos and sound clips of the Mass yesterday for the Last Sunday after Pentecost (1962MR). The music was Mozart’s … Continue reading

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A REAL Requiem for a priest

The following came to my attention via a kind reader: Pontifical Requiem Mass on November 21st Pontifical Requiem Mass will [was] for the repose of the soul of the Rev. Msgr. Anthony Ferrero [RIP] of the Diocese of San Bernardino. … Continue reading

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TLM at Dunwoodie, St. Joseph’s Seminary

From a seminarian: I am a seminarian for the Archdiocese of New York and an avid reader of your blog. I thought the following piece of information might be of interest to similar readers. On the feast of St. Cecilia … Continue reading

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Rem acu tetigerunt! The importance of knowing Latin

From a reader: Hi Fr. Z, While I think you would  appreciate the entire list of 10 that Victor Davis Hanson writes about today, #1 goes to the crux of what you’ve been talking about for years. Here is the … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Advent wreaths and my annual rant on BLUE vestments

About this time of year I start getting questions about advent wreaths. For example, this came from a a reader today: Dear Fr. Zuhlsdorf, Is it proper to use scented candles for the advent wreath? Sure… if you want to deal … Continue reading

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The spiritual danger in using gadgets, internet, etc.

From ZENIT: Don’t Let Wi-Fi Leave Your Prayer Life Dry Vatican Aide Encourages Setting Aside Times of Silence VATICAN CITY, NOV. 23, 2008 ( In the age of cell phones and the Internet, the Holy See’s spokesman warns that your … Continue reading

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