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A reflection on Amos 8

The deconstruction of the world’s markets suggests that very difficult times are ahead.  The speed of the dissolution suggests that these difficulties cannot now be avoided. In his Message for the World Day for Peace, the Holy Father wrote: This … Continue reading

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A festive car crash

When I was in seminary in the US we were subjected to the deepest of stupidity regarding inclusive language and political correctness. We were forced to sing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlefolk".  Even the worst of the progressivists and weirdos … Continue reading

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Fighting amongst those who should be closing ranks

I have a strong sense that the Enemy is extremely active right now, attacking with great viciousness.  Several friends of mine are under attack in parishes.  I have had some nasty flack.  It is centered on the use of the … Continue reading

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Regarding the Instruction Dignitas Personae

The new document Regarding the Instruction Dignitas Personae Aim In recent years, biomedical research has made great strides, opening new possibilities for the treatment of disease, but also giving rise to serious questions which had not been directly treated in … Continue reading

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The C of E is bustin’ it out with the fakies

Thanks to the BBC we know about this bold initiative: Skateboard plan for ancient abbey An 800-year-old Wiltshire abbey is to be turned into a temporary skate park for three days. Church of England officials plan to clear the pews … Continue reading

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The Holy Father with the Bishops of Taiwan

The Bishops of Taiwan have met with the Holy Father for their ad limina visit. I note with pleasure the Advent wreath, which has the red candles customary in Germany. My Dear Brother Bishops, To all of you, I extend … Continue reading

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Thanks and a sweet Sabine report

What does cold look like?  It was below 0F this morning early. At least the Sabine Farm is now producing honey!  Some was "spun" not too long ago. I am very grateful to readers who have recently sent me tokens … Continue reading

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Twitter report

Up to 183 on Twitter. I wonder if we can do better? I know some folks who twit. Do you tweet?

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QUAERITUR: chaplaincy

From a priest reader: Do you know of any traditionally minded communities of sisters or Catholic schools where a chaplain is needed to celebrate the TLM, hear confessions, give conferences, etc?   I am afraid I don’t, Father.  Sorry. Perhaps … Continue reading

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The Tiber is in flood

Somewhat over a century ago, had the Tiber River risen to its present height, the center of the City would have flooded. In the centro you can find embedded in the walls of buildings, plaques indicating the height of the … Continue reading

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Yardville, NJ: TLM 31 December

From a reader: Pleased to let you know, through the good graces of Fr. Edward Kelty, celebrant and Fr. Stanley Krzyston, Pastor, a Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form will be celebrated (as of now) at 11AM on the 31st … Continue reading

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Avery Card. Dulles, RIP

Cardinal Dulles passed away. Please say a prayer for the repose of his soul. With a biretta tip to Amy, here is a video of his ordination: [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh48PKCwG1Y]

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TLM… the “easier” Mass?

I have sometimes observed that the newer form of Mass is rather like the sort of food more appropriate to children, while the older form of Mass is the "grown up Mass".   While I don’t intend that this be a … Continue reading

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