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QUAERITUR: Told I can’t receive on the tongue as a EMHC

From a reader: Dear Father, I am a student at a university, where I am an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion in the chaplaincy. I prefer to receive Holy Communion on the tongue. When commissioned by the previous chaplain, after … Continue reading

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A seminarian reports: A Gaudete parish nightmare

From a seminarian (edited): Fr. Z, Please feel free to delete this & move on. I’m sure you receive many similar missives. For me …catharsis ..or I explode! I went to Mass for Gaudete Sunday at my local parish. I arrived … Continue reading

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Question to WDTPRSers with Sling Box

Are there any readers out there who have a Sling Box set up and wouldn’t mind giving me some limited access?

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QUAERITUR: Not genuflecting during Novus Ordo Mass when crossing tabernacle

From a reader: Could you comment on part of GIRM #274, specifically: "If, however, the tabernacle with the Most Blessed Sacrament is present in the sanctuary, the priest, the deacon, and the other ministers genuflect when they approach the altar and … Continue reading

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A Gaudete question revisited: “Real priests wear ‘rosacea'”!

Today priests can wear "rose" vestments.  Everyone knows this. But I do get questions about what shade of "rose" this is.  What does "rose" mean? Today I said Mass with rose vestments and to use true rosacea. I am in … Continue reading

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A response from the rector of Mount Angel Seminary about TLM training

I received the following, which in justice I am happy to post.  It is a response to my entry about TLM training for seminarians at Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon.  My emphases. Dear Fr. Zuhlsdorf, I would very much appreciate … Continue reading

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Question to readers who know WordPress

It seems that when I change the wordpress theme, I lose my stats being counted through sitemeter etc. hmmm… any ideas?

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D. of Metuchen – TLM report

From a reader: I saw the piece on the Dio. of Alt-J and TLM on your blog and it had me wondering if folks knew that in the Diocese of Metuchen, NJ we have a shrine chapel where TLM has … Continue reading

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A nice Christmas note from an old priest

From a reader: From a beloved priest, almost 90 years old, almost blind, who has served missions in rural Kentucky and Arkansas all his life.  He is only semi-retired and will on occasion happily celebrate the 1962 Mass when needed.  … Continue reading

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