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From a reader: My cousin is soon to be married in a SSPX church, a church which his family has been attending for twenty years, since he was in fourth grade. I read on a Catholic website that such a … Continue reading

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Is it just me….

… or are things very slow on the Catholic blogosphere today?  Very slow on Twitter also, or so it seems.

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ante diem xvi kalendas januarias

With the help of rogueclassicism: ante diem xvi kalendas januarias Saturnalia (day 1) — major, popular festival in honour of Saturn with banquets, the wearing of soft caps (pilei), and general good cheer. Shops and schools were closed, gambling was … Continue reading

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Where some of you are

Here is a snapshot from the last few minutes of where people are (more or less) when they log in.  These are approximations and I edited out "unknown" and "United States", etc. Washington, District of… Stockton-on-Tees Toronto, Ontario Utica, Michigan … Continue reading

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Signs of Pelagianism

My friend Fr. Ray Blake, the distinguished pastor of St. Mary Magdalene in Brighton has a good commentary on his blog today. Pelagianism: I hate it, but it is very British. It is really a variant of Arianism which says … Continue reading

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A purpose of Summorum Pontificum

There is a wonderful phrase in Latin… Repetita iuvant. The Pertinacious Papist has a good reminder: Una Voce America’s Nota (No 39, Fall 2008) carries the following brief excerpt from the address of Pope Benedict XVI to the Bishops of … Continue reading

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“In rigorous hours…”

  With a tip of the biretta to the Laudator…. Robert Louis Stevenson, Winter:     In rigorous hours, when down the iron lane    The redbreast looks in vain    For hips and haws,    Lo, shining flowers upon my window-pane    The silver … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: servers sitting on steps during TLM

From a reader: Have you any information regarding alter servers sitting on the steps of the sanctuary during a TLM Mass? This is occurring in a local parish during the times when the celebrant sits (while the choir sings the … Continue reading

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WDTPRS: Last Days of Advent: 17 December

We have come to the last days of the Church’s preparation for the feast of the Nativity of the Lord. COLLECT: Deus, humanae conditor et redemptor naturae, qui Verbum tuum in utero perpetuae virginitatis carnem assumere voluisti, respice propitius ad … Continue reading

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WDTPRS: O Antiphons – 17 December

On December 17th we enter into that final stretch of our Advent preparation. In the Church’s solemn prayer of the hours, at Vespers, the great "O Antiphons" are sung. Today we have the first. Years ago, I made a little … Continue reading

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