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Two nice landmarks

Two things, for which I owe you participates a dept of gratitude. Tonight the results of the 2008 Weblog Awards were finalized.  1 – WDTPRS2 – Standing On My Head3 – Happy Catholic4 – Conversion Diary  Catholic Blogs took the … Continue reading

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NAPALM ALERT: Which Church Father are you?

Over at our friend and fellow NAPALMer Mike Aquilina’s place The Way of the Fathers there is an interesting quiz. Which Church Father are you? Go spike his stats and take the quiz. Fun!

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Some levity

The Papist has a great one! "Hi little guy are you ready for your bless – WOW IS THAT A QUARTER?!"

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Live and in the wild…. Behold the Spanish biretta. At a ten year anniversary of a priest of the Institute of Christ the King… And another in the choir: I want one. Any readers in Madrid who can help me … Continue reading

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New from His Hermeneuticalness

My good friend His Hermeneuticalness, aka, Fr. Tim Finigan – mighty PP of Blackfen – has good news. On Saturday 7 February, there will be a Missa Cantata at Blackfen (or Solemn High Mass if there are a couple of … Continue reading

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Oh me-oh, oh my-oh, Toledo, Ohio!

From reader in Toledo: They are from the Midnight Mass a few weeks ago at St. Joseph’s Church, Toledo, Ohio.  The priest is the new pastor, Fr. Joseph Poggemeyer–he is a young and very impressive guy.  The 8:30am Sunday Mass … Continue reading

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Thanks are due!

I am very grateful to M for the English Blue Stilton from the Amazon wish list.  Also, thanks are due to Immaculata Rosaries for the rosary sent to me. This is a very nice rosary, I can tell you.  The … Continue reading

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Released: Vatican’s report on 2005-06 Visitation of US Seminaries

The Vatican Seminary Report is out. CNS has a story.  The whole report is here as a PDF from the USCCB. The Vatican’s report says: “[A]n Apostolic Visitation is a blunt instrument and by no means an infallible one.  It … Continue reading

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Feeder report

It is cold.  When I got up this morning it was – 20°F – 29°C. The birds are all puffed up, obviously to insulate themselves against the intense wind and wind.  With the wind chill it was about – 40°F. … Continue reading

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AP article on the Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary

Each year the Church’s special tribunal for matters of the internal forum and issues of indulgences, the Sacra Penitenzieria Apostolica, holds courses during Lent for seminarians and priests.  I have been through the course several times.  Repetita iuvant after all. … Continue reading

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New altar edition of the 1962 Missale Romanum now available

It takes a short time to tear down a mighty, ancient and beautiful structure.  It can take decades to rebuild it. We will now have a new tool for the reconstruction which I believe His Holiness Pope Benedict desires in … Continue reading

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