A prayer request for a priest

In your charity will you please stop now and say a prayer, perhaps a Memorare or (and) and Hail Mary for a friend of mine, Fr. "Paul".

He is undergoing tests to see if he has pulmonary fibrosis.

Please share!

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32 Responses to A prayer request for a priest

  1. Ben Trovato says:

    Done! (and will be repeated…)

  2. Stephen says:


  3. miss book says:

    Done.God bless the good Fr.

  4. Stephen says:


  5. Jack says:

    Prayers have been sent!

  6. Mickey says:


  7. Geo F. says:

    Will Do !

  8. Joan M says:


  9. Paul says:


  10. joe says:

    Not only THAT, but I’ll get my CCD students on it.



  11. Flambeaux says:


  12. Margo says:

    Done. (And my anti-spam word was “pray 4 priests”!)

  13. David Osterloh says:


  14. Praying……I will also post in the Blessed Sacrament forum on my board. Lots of prayer warriors there.

  15. Mike says:


  16. DavidJ says:

    Prayer is still free =)

  17. Megan says:

    Done. I hope good results come back.

  18. Londiniensis says:


  19. Laura says:

    Done, Father. This request is close to my heart. I will continue to pray for Fr. Paul.

  20. Marc says:


  21. John P says:

    I said two Hail Marys, since I don’t have the Memorare memorized yet!

    God Bless Father Paul!!

  22. Kathy says:

    praying . . .

  23. A. says:

    Please pray for a dear young priest, Joe, who has recently left the Faith.

  24. MPod says:

    Done. More to come. And prayers for Fr. Joe as well, and for all priests.

  25. Jeff Ferguson says:


  26. Chris M says:

    Done and with intercession to St Luke the physician

  27. J. Wong says:

    Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum…….

  28. Fr. "Paul" says:

    Thanks, everybody. You’re in my prayers too.

  29. Sacristymaiden says:

    Also, please pray for a Byzantine priest that I know of (can’t remember his name) who has denied his priesthood.