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Are pro-lifers falling into the FOCA Trap?

I received this very interesting note from a staffer of a US Congressman whom I will not identify for obvious reasons.  I have his permission to share this:
My emphases
Fr. Z:
As a Congressional staffer, I am extremely concerned that we pro-lifers … Continue reading

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Card. Castrillon: Bp. Fellay recognized Vatican II

The johnny-on-the-spot site Rorate has two good pieces you would do well to look at.
First, there is an entry called Cardinal Castrillón: Relevant declarations to Corriere della Sera   Also check Corriere.
Here is a salient point or two:
The Holy See did … Continue reading

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Dissenter Leonardo Boff against Pope Benedict on SSPX

And now… another dog bites man story from a washed up dissenter.
This is in from ANSA:
Liberation theologian and dissenter Leonardo Boff has determined that the lifting of the excommunications of the four SSPX bishops was a mistake.
It is obviously part … Continue reading

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A good note from Alcuin Reid on the SSPX development

Several alert readers have sent me the following which I finally tracked down to our friends at NLM.  Go check them out and spike their stats.
The piece says it is from The Catholic Herald, the best Catholic paper in the … Continue reading

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An interesting notion

As I have been writing again and again, people of good will can disagree on really hard questions rising from the Council’s documents on points that are not clear.  We can argue about how to approach ecumenism or religious liberty.
There … Continue reading

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More from Brisbane’s Fr. Kennedy

More from Brisbane on the renegade priest. Fr. Peter Kennedy and St. Mary’s the renegade parish he has distorted.  Check for backgroud here and here and here.
For this last bit of dross, check out Coo-ees from the Cloister.
There is now … Continue reading

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NBC refuses to air pro-life ad

I understand that NBC is refusing to air the CatholicVote pro-life ad.
This is in from Free Republic.

According to a Jan. 29 press release from, “After several days of negotiations, an NBC representative in Chicago told late yesterday that … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: prayers of the faithful written by children

From a reader:
Yesterday my husband (who teaches in a Catholic school …) was having a discussion with the principal of his school regarding having the children write the general intentions for the school Masses.  My husband feels strongly that they … Continue reading

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Treviso: More SSPX heat, fanned up by the Italian press

An interesting sideshow has popped up in the Italian press following the circus train about the statements of SSPX Bishop Williamson about Jews in WWII.
In a story in the Tribuna of Treviso, an SSPX priest stationed in Treviso, Italy, is … Continue reading

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Soup and bird baths

Many thanks to the kind person who sent the bird bath, which I had listed on my list. Alas, there was no invoice, so I don’t know who sent it. Also, I can’t put it out at this … Continue reading

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Check this out

A reader pointed me to the following from the website of Time.
This is from the White House Photo Blog of Monday 2 June 2008
The Candidates’ Lucky Charms: Barack Obama
Amongst the things that Barack Obama carries for good luck are a … Continue reading

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Archbp. Burke: USCCB document partly to blame for Catholic support of pro-abortion pols

From LifeSite:
Exclusive Interview: Leading Vatican Prelate Says Document of US Bishops Partly to Blame for Election of “Most Pro-Abortion President”
Also says Bishops’ Catholic News Service needs to be given "some new direction"By Hilary White, Rome Correspondent
ROME, January 28, 2009 … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Rabbinate backing off threat to sever ties to Holy See

Yesterday I posted a piece about how the rabbinate of Jerusalem was going to cut ties with the Holy See (which would not … immediately at least… affect diplomatic ties with the state of Israel)
This is in from ANSA.

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CDF will recommend a “personal prelature” for traditional Anglicans

I had some interesting news forwarded by many readers.  It is a report from The Record which is getting some focus.
It seems that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has recommended that the Traditional Anglican Communion be brought … Continue reading

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Pro-life ad during Super Bowl?

I understand that is trying to get it’s pro-life ad broadcast during the Super Bowl.
I think they are looking for donations.

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