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To restore our Catholic identity

A friend tipped me to the Administrator of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, H.E. Most Rev. Robert J. Herman.  It is posted on LifeSite. He was remarking on the Pro-Life Mass held in their cathedral. In his comments he said … Continue reading

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Sad news: Michael Dubruiel – RIP

I sadly pass along the news that Michael Dubruiel, a Catholic blogger and speaker, has died. I hope you will, with me, pray for the repose of his soul. I will say Mass tomorrow for his intention and for his … Continue reading

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Another amusing bird related post

From a reader: I thought you might like to know Yahoo Babelfish‘s translation of "la Fraternité sacerdotale Saint-Pie X": "the sacerdotal Fraternity Saint-Magpie X".  Slavishly literal translations, indeed…. ROFL! Wait’ll Vincenzo gets hold of this! On another note, I had … Continue reading

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Pray for the Holy Father

Let us pray for the Pope. Pray that he has strength and clarity of mind to resist the pressures lining up against him. Pray that he not feel too isolated or that he ought to start making odd gestures here … Continue reading

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German Chancellor Merkel calling for the Pope to make a statement

A pattern is emerging. Line up powerful forces who scream outrage and with furrowed brow shake their heads in concern before cameras and mics.  The MSM, both willing lapdog of the elite and paradoxically their impresario, turns it into news.  … Continue reading

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Card. Kasper unhappy with the Pope, Reuters helps Fr. Reese whine

This just in about Card. Kasper from Reuters: Top cardinal says Vatican botched Holocaust affair By Philip Pullella – Tue Feb 3, 6:51 am ET VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The cardinal in charge of relations with Jews has acknowledged that … Continue reading

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WDTPRS upgrade coming

The WDTPRS server will be upgraded in an hour or so. I don’t know if that will mean down time or not. More RAM is a good thing.  Perhaps a different cache.

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Support Pope Benedict


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A hard day at work

Everybody has them.

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Tornielli on Williamson and conspiracies to embarass the Pope

The intrepid Andrea Tornielli has a piece in Il Giornale today about, what else, SSPX Bp. Williamson and the Jews. The great Fabrizio kindly did a rapid translation for us. A conspiracy against the Pope behind the negationist bishop By … Continue reading

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The REDPOLLS are coming! The REDPOLLS are coming!

Indeed, the Redpolls have come. Yesterday I spotted this new (to me) bird, flock of them actually, at the Sabine feeders. You readers instantly illumined my mind by informing me that this is the Common Redpoll. They are a bit … Continue reading

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POLL: St. Blaise Day Blessing

I am sure this is some sort of joke on the saint’s part, but whenever I get my blessing on St. Blaise Day within days I get a sore throat. Still, it is a lovely custom which we should foster. … Continue reading

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Do any of you out there …

… use Quicktime PRO? What’s the deal?  Is it worth it?

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The new Bishop of Linz, Austria – the left is freaking out

Many people have sent me notes about the new auxiliary bishop of Linz, Austria.  The left wing is going nuts over the appointment of this "ultra-conservative". A kind reader translated an article from German, which I share with you here: … Continue reading

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