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Amy’s Michael

I said Mass for Michael Dubruiel today, Amy Wellborn’s husband who died recently. Many people have helped to create a spiritual bouquet here. I note on Amy’s blog that arrangements for Michael’s funeral are posted. Also, she posted his last … Continue reading

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Jewish leader: “the full story has not been told”

Some sanity is starting to come to the surface. Check this from Zenit: On Jewish-Catholic Relations: Press "Got It Wrong" Jewish Leader Considers Future If Schism Isn’t Healed   Salient quotes: Gary Krupp, founder and president of the Pave the … Continue reading

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POLL: It’s time for breakfast

It’s a busy world, right?  You are in a hurry. For that meal everyone says is sooooo important, what do you usually do? Grab a slice of the cold pizza from last night? Are you farmer, or eat like one, … Continue reading

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WDTPRS running a little slowly today

From what I can tell, the traffic is pretty high today. Since this morning we have been running pretty slow.  Sometimes it takes a while for pages to load. I mentioned yesterday that some work needed to be done on … Continue reading

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From AFP … more hysteria and stupidity

I made the observation that the hysteria and hatred toward the Pope would escalate this week. Get this lunacy from AFP through Breitbart: Attacks on Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to lift the excommunication of a Holocaust denier escalated Monday, with … Continue reading

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Mass for Michael Dubruiel

I am heading to the chapel to say Mass for Michael Dubruiel, who died yesterday. Alas, my server couldn’t come.  So, you will have to unite yourselves in a special way and send your angels to the sacred action. SPIRITUAL … Continue reading

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Is FOCA not the true clear and present danger?

Remember that entry I posted wherein it was suggested that perhaps FOCA was a head-feint to distract the pro-life movement from the quieter agenda? This is in from CNA: ‘Prevention First Act’ greater threat than FOCA, pro-lifers warn Washington DC, … Continue reading

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Rabbi comments on official Jewish reaction to the Pope

On the WaPo sites section On Faith, there is an interesting piece by Rabbi Irwin Kula about the reactions of Jews to the lifting the SSPX excommunications and business about the Holocaust. An author, Rabbi Kula is the President The … Continue reading

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The Pope’s brother speaks about attacks on the Holy Father

Msgr. Georg Ratzinger pipes up about the attacks on on his brother. “He doesn’t need me to defend him. But it angers me how unjust and badly informed the people who are attacking him are,” …  “I always saw her … Continue reading

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Poor Chicago

Chicago has had a bad year.

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Note from Vatican Sec. State on Bp. Williamson, Holocaust, and the Pope

The Vatican’s Secretary of State today issued a Note, in Italian.  It concerns the lifting of the excommunication of SSPX Bishop Williamson and the problems stirred in the press about his ideas concerning the Holocaust: NOTA DELLA SEGRETERIA DI STATO … Continue reading

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