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The 5th

Now we know! But… what do we know?

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A Friday evening

Pretty evening.  Tonight I have moved from "Oh Jo, please don’t say awful; it’s slang." … during the sweet squash and curry soup I made today from an old squash about to go bad… (the prep photos didn’t turn out … Continue reading

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Soooo… Fr. Longenecker is going after Fr. Z, is he?

I have – with brow furrowed and full of concern – received word that Fr. Dwight Longenecker, for whom I have such great esteem, has decided to toss darts at WDTPRS! He was wondering aloud if, given that I do … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: non-concelebrating priests and Communion

From a priest reader: Except when the Archbishop (or another Bishop) is celebrating here at the parish I am not inclined to concelebrate. I prefer to attend in choir as does my associate when one or the other or a … Continue reading

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Request from Fr. Z: links to pages supporting Benedict XVI

There are quite a few initiatives on the web to express support for Pope Benedict during this time of media frenzy. I have posted about a couple of them already, but people keep sending me the same links over and … Continue reading

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SSPX priest expelled due to remarks on the Holocaust

This is in from APCOM The SSPX has expelled the priest, Fr. Florian Abrahamowicz (more here), who made statements which, like those of SSPX Bp. Williamson, reduced the extent of the massacre of Jews during WWII. Lefebvriani; Fraternita’ italiana, espulso … Continue reading

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“Home at last!”

Just to put things in perspective.

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Archd. of Manila on Summorum Pontificum

MANY… I mean MANY people have sent me the text of the Archdiocese of Manila’s incredible restrictions on the use the 1962 Missale Romanum. I wasn’t going to post it here.  Instead , I immediately forwarded what I received to … Continue reading

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“A breath of sanity in the storm”

The engaging and telephonically persistent Anna Arco of The Catholic Herald has an interesting entry on her own blog: A breath of sanity in the storm Friday 6 February It’s been amazing, at times disheartening, to watch the way the … Continue reading

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Confraternity of Catholic Clergy makes a statement

Confraternity of Catholic Clergy states the following: HARRISBURG, PA (February 6th, 2009) – The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, a national association of 600 priests and deacons across the USA, publicly reaffirm our filial obedience and respect for the Holy Father. … Continue reading

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D. Rockville Centre – Bp. Murphy makes remarks about SSPX

In The Long Island Catholic, the newspaper of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, his Excellency Most Rev. Bishop William Murphy makes comments about the SSPX/Williamson/Holocaust controversy. I have written of Bp. Murphy before.  His comments are usually spot on! However, … Continue reading

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Why no comment on the Legionaries and Maciel?

E-mail is coming from people asking why I don’t comment on the Legionaries of Christ/Maciel situation. NEWFLASH: HUMAN BEING WAS SINNER! PEOPLE SHOCKED! I have tried not to pay too much attention to this whole thing. Let other people roll … Continue reading

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LINK TV’s publicly funded anti-Catholic bigotry

I am pretty steamed about something I saw via Link TV. This is partly supported by tax-payer money.  Read below. The video is stupid, produced badly and by people ignorant of details.  But the real point is that it is … Continue reading

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Why Cardinals wear red

The scapegoating of Card. Castrillon continues   Card. Castrillon is taking the heat for the brouhaha over the SSPX/B16/Holocaust syndrome. Watch how forces within the curia will line up to take turns pushing him under the 64 bus. Our friends at … Continue reading

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SSPX reporting in Germany

I picked up a Tweet from Anna Arco of the Catholic Herald that in Germany it seems that new articles are being posted about the SSPX and Pope Benedict ever couple hours. Pressure?

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