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The FSSP has made available their TLM training DVD in the UK. I reviewed it here. I encourage priests in the UK interested in learning the older form of Mass to check out this useful tool.

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A decision in Brisbane about renegade St. Mary’s and Fr. Kennedy

You all know about the wacky St. Mary’s in Brisbane and the wackier Fr. Kennedy, who has led his flock toward the cliff. This is in from ABC. Brisbane priest sacked over Catholic feud By Kim Lyell and Kerrin Binnie … Continue reading

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Double Standard

I recently heard on TV a media wonk challenge a racial double-standard in sentencing guidelines for cocaine and for crack.  Cocaine is used more by white people but the sentencing guidelines are less harsh than those for crack, used more … Continue reading

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Archd. of Milwaukee: norms for Summorum Pontificum

The Archbishop of Milwaukee, His Excellency Most Rev. Timothy Dolan published norms for the Archdiocese for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. My emphases and comments. Archbishop promulgates guidelines for Extraordinary Form celebrations In order to ensure an orderly implementation … Continue reading

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A replacement for Williamson in Argentina?

In a story in La Nacion, there is speculation that perhaps SSPX Bishop Galaretta could take over at the seminary in La Reya, Argentina in place of SSPX Bp Williamson. Whatever move they make, clearly Bp. Williamson will be assuming … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI and Chancellor Merkel: telephone tag

Apparently the Holy Father and the Chancellor of Germany have had a chat by phone, at Merkel’s request. This is in from ANSA. Shoah: Papa a colloquio con MerkelCondividono ‘comune e profonda adesione a monito per umanita”’ (ANSA) – ROMA, … Continue reading

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