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A good question

Can you believe that Huffington Post got a question during Pres. Obama’s presser? I think WDTPRS should have been in the front row… but not anywhere near Helen Thomas, thanks very much. What question should I have asked?  Hmmm…. Formulating … Continue reading

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Your receipt for a lighter moment

A reader, KK, sent this.

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Card. Castrillon interview: “we are moving forward … the Pope has stopped a schism”

Our friends at Rorate found and interview with Card. Castrillon, President of the Pont. Comm. Ecclesia Dei, on a Colombian radio network RCN.  The story on RCN. There is an interesting quote.     "I have always had truth as a … Continue reading

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Something interesting about Archbp. Lefebvre

You might be interested in this story from Inside The Vatican.  A reader sent the link. Did you know that the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre’s father died in a Nazi concentration camp? Read about it. This is interesting to think … Continue reading

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I implore you

Folks.. I implore you… If you send me things by e-mail you think are good for posting or writing about, or even just reviewing… … send usable texts and working LINKS.

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QUAERITUR: The A Word after Septuagesima

From a reader: The A word was uttered today at the local (n.o.) Mass this morning. Is the A only buried by traditional Catholics on Septuagesima Sunday?   (Or can I answer my own question – there is no more Septuagesima … Continue reading

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Kudos to His Hermeneuticalness

The clerical garb issue is getting interestinger all the time. It started when Fr. Longenecker offered contumacious snark in the direction of all WDTPRSers. But when WDTPRS mentioned ferraiuolo, Fr. L went silent.  I think we all know why. Support … Continue reading

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Another indulgence thing…

Regarding the entry on indulgences, a reader sent this. It is reputed to by Martin Luther’s very own receipt he received at Wittenberg.  He wanted evidence against the Church selling plenary indulgences, and all he got was this. Now.. I … Continue reading

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Der Spiegel: SSPX Bp. Williamson’s interesting points to a hostile interviewer

In Der Spiegel, a German weekly, Bp. Williamson, the former rector of the SSPX seminary in Argentina, was interviewed. Go to the link to read the whole thing, but here are some of the more interesting points. My emphases and … Continue reading

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The other part of food prep

I often post photos of food prep and presentation. There is another really important part of the process. Cleaning your cutting board…. indeed all surfaces. I was handling some chicken recently.  After handling raw meat wash wash wash, hands and … Continue reading

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NYT article on indulgences

From Hell’s Bible… the floundering New York Times comes this. My emphases and comments. For Catholics, Heaven Moves a Step Closer By PAUL VITELLOPublished: February 9, 2009 The announcement in church bulletins and on Web sites has been greeted with … Continue reading

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Peoria: Bp. Jenky stands up to anti-Catholic courts and media

A really interesting story came to my e-mail. H.E. Most Rev. Daniel Jenky, Bishop of Peoria, ordered that a letter of his composition be read in all churches on Sunday.  Some parishes did not comply. The issue?  His concern over … Continue reading

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Boston College and the Crucifix

This is in from the Cardinal Newman Society: Students and faculty returned to Boston College (BC), a Jesuit Catholic institution, for the Spring 2009 semester to find that crucifixes and icons had been placed in many classrooms that had been … Continue reading

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POLL (and a rant): Where’s the band?

There are criteria for music during the liturgical action. It must be sacred and it must be art. That is, the idiom of the music should be sacred – not blatantly secular – it must present sacred texts and it … Continue reading

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