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Angry! Disgusted! ARRRRRRRCH – – GAAH .. *cough

As a proof of the end times… are there any commercials more intellectually and morally offensive on in the USA right now than the stupid Valentine’s Day teddy bear and p.j. commercials? I could KILL! "But Father! But Father!" you … Continue reading

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Canadian MP asks Parliament to instruct Pope Benedict

I was alerted to this on Vox Cantor … (vox… cantoris maybe?) by a reader. A Canadian Parliament member, Charles Joseph Angus (Timmins-James Bay) used his time speaking to promote himself from back-bencher to Pope-basher. His qualifications as a member … Continue reading

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WDTPRS solidarity with NLM and MusicaSacra

In solidarity with NLM, I repost their entry: Just a reminder that there are vast numbers of chant settings of the new ICEL texts sitting right here for free download but ICEL [!] will not permit you to download them. … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Chalice veil during a TLM

From a seminarian reader: I have a question regarding serving the extraordinary form of the Mass which I was hoping you would be so kind as to answer for me. Toward the end of the Mass, after communion, the missal has … Continue reading

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Vatican spokesman Fr. Lombardi clarifies remarks about Card. Castrillon

This is in via ZENIT My emphases and comments. Spokesman Didn’t Reproach Cardinal Father Lombardi Clarifies Press Reports VATICAN CITY, FEB. 9, 2009 (Zenit.org).- The director of the Vatican press office says he did not reproach the president of the … Continue reading

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An additional note of thanks

In the past I have received through the kindness of readers, surge-protector UPS units (uninterrupted power source) from my amazon.com wish list. I needed them today. There was a power loss and a big surge a while ago. The UPS … Continue reading

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POLL: Who has done more damage to Holy Church?

For this poll, I want to echo something Fr. Ray Blake posted at his blog, St. Mary Magdalen, his parish in Brighton.  He picked up on observations made by Fr. Sean Finnegan of Valle Adurni. Who has done more damage … Continue reading

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Cunctando regitur mundus! Cardinals and the ticking clock.

Elsewhere I mentioned that the clock is ticking.  Time is passing for our Holy Father, for the SSPX bishops, for the Cardinal President of the Pont. Comm. Ecclesia Dei, and also for their enemies. tick tick tick tick… It is … Continue reading

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Good morning WDTPRSers!

Good morning! It’s time for strong coffee… black. I am hoping we will have some good news today, not just the usual rot we hear about. The moon was amazing this morning. I caught it as it was going into … Continue reading

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