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Fr. Longenecker, about whom I have always written with charity, has stepped over the line. Apparently living in a place where he admits maniples are …. and I can hardly bring myself to write… rare, he has nearly frothed that … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: confirmation robes

From a priest:  From amongst your readership, would anyone have an idea where to find/purchase traditional Confirmation robes similar to those in common usage before the Council? There are very few resources available online, and these tend to resemble the … Continue reading

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Never-to-be-satisfied ADL still rebuking the Pope

I have mentioned elsewhere that certain groups will never let the whole SSPX/Williamson/excommunication thing die.  EVER. From Haaretz.   My emphases and comments. I think this was aimed at reinforcing anti-Catholic bias among a narrow slice of Jewish readership. ADL chief: … Continue reading

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WDTPRS: Sexagesima

Excerpted from columns for The Wanderer.  The whole column can be found in that publication. What Does the Prayer Really Say?  Sexagesima Sunday (1962 Missale Romanum – Roman Station: St. Paul’s outside-the-walls) According to the traditional Roman calendar, this is … Continue reading

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1961 Breviarium Romanum – online: dynamic site

From a reader: I am writing to you about a website I have created that you or your readers may find useful.  The address is http://www.officiumdivinum.org .  I actually e-mailed you in 2008 when I was beginning this project, and … Continue reading

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