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I’m just askin’

From a priest reader: Everyone is insisting that the SSPX accept Vatican II. Can we insist that everybody accept Trent?

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Manila: Benedictine altar arrangement

A reader sent a photo of the "Benedictine" arrangement of an altar Manila, at St. Peter the Apostle Church. Apparently this is not permanent, but it is a step in the right direction.

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A fine essay stating the issues in the Church’s conflicts

An alert reader sent me this, from The Harvard Salient, a fortnightly student publication.  My emphases and comments. Rediscovering Tradition in the Modern Age February 16, 2009 by Brian Pope Benedict wisely reconciles four Lefebvrist bishops By Kevin M. Neylan … Continue reading

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Jacksonville, FL: 23 Feb – TLM Adult Education

From a reader: ADULT EDUCATION:  THE NOVUS ORDO AND THE TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS The Adult Education Ministry will meet on Monday, February 23rd, at 7PM in the Cody Center.  The topic is "The Traditional Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo- The … Continue reading

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Pray in a special way. Offer your mortifications.

The liberals have sensed that the Holy Father is weak right now and they are attacking. Bishops in Austria have risen up against the appointment of a bishop. Several bishops have issued decisions or statements in some way related to … Continue reading

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Author of “one of the dumbest things I have ever read” is back again!

From time to time… well… pretty often actually, readers send me blurbs written by their parish priest and published in their Sunday bulletin. Let’s have a look at this, from Fr. Patrick Wissman, pastor of Sacred Heart in Bolivar MO.  … Continue reading

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Plurk… more than a stomach noise?

First, its the internet… then… bulletin boardslistserversIRCforumsblogsfacebooktwitter Will someone please explain what Plurk is?      

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F. Finigan on the The Tablet and “going loud”

From the site is His Hermeneuticalness, Fr. Finigan. It should have maximum visibility.  Check his site for comments. Parish dispute "goes loud" In late October, one of my parishioners sent an email to various others, including myself, the Archbishop and … Continue reading

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On Westminster, Card. Murphy-O’Conner and Archbp. Burke

If a visiting priest comes to a parish, or a visiting bishop comes to a diocese, there are formalities to observe.  Visitors need approval, tacit or formal.  For the most part this approval is truly a mere formality: the visitor … Continue reading

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My car has been running badly. It didn’t have any giddyup and the milage was very bad. I contemplated this until I remembered the story to me by a guy about how mice stuffed his wife’s car’s air cleaner full … Continue reading

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