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Fr. Lombardi speak about social communications

Fr. Lombardi, head of Vatican Radio and the Press Office, thus the papal spokesman, gave an address to a meeting in Spain, the communications commission for the Spanish bishops’ conference. It’s long.   I will look at it soon.

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Comet approaching earth… run for your LIVES!

Very cool news about a comet. Space Weather News for Feb. 18, 2009 http://spaceweather.com   COMET LULIN UPDATE:  Comet Lulin is approaching Earth and brightening rapidly.  Observers say it is now visible to the naked eye as a faint (magnitude … Continue reading

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The Remnant: new interview with SSPX Bp. Fellay

Brian Mershon, who sometimes comments here, has on the site of The Remnant posted an interview with SSPX Bishop Bernard Fellay. It is too long to bring over here, so here are a couple salient points: Mershon: Did you ever … Continue reading

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Also from The Hill

This is also from The Hill: Pope lectures Pelosi on abortion stanceBy Mike SoraghanPosted: 02/18/09 10:32 AM [ET] Pope Benedict XVI made clear to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Wednesday that she cannot advocate for abortion rights and still be a … Continue reading

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I don’t get it

The Speaker says it was a "conversation".  She mentions only what she thought was important enough to reveal. Fair enough.  The Holy See mentions in its release what the POPE thought most important to reveal. The mismatch between the two … Continue reading

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The Hill reveals discrepency: Did the Speaker and Archbishop of SanFran meet or not?

From The Hill. Pay close attention to this. My emphases and comments. Concerns, hopes as Pelosi meets pope at the Vatican By Mike Soraghan Posted: 02/17/09 08:26 PM [ET] [Do you want to know why Archbp. Burke and others talk … Continue reading

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Beautiful here today, after lots of heavy clinging snow.

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John Allen on the papal audience and Pelosi

My friend Mr. John L. Allen, Jr., the nearly ubiquitous fair-minded columnist for the ultra-lefty NCR posted his analysis of the meeting pro-abortion Catholic Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Speaker of the House, had with Pope Benedict. My emphases and comments. Pope’s … Continue reading

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Thanks are due!

I want to pass long thanks to some of you who have recently used the donation button on the left side bar and on some posts.  I am very grateful.  From time to time I collect the names of those … Continue reading

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Pelosi instructed by Pope Benedict XVI – UPDATED

Today Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), well-known for her pro-abortion career in politics despite her profession of Catholic faith, met briefly with His Holiness Pope Benedict. Here is a statement from the Press Office: Following the General Audience … Continue reading

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