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“Ein Proooosit!” the Black/Red way!

A kind reader sent the following: Fr. Z – We were impressed with how nicely a 12 oz beer fit in your large mug! Thanks guys, and PROSIT!

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Help! Getting some Chinese characters back from remaining code

Upon upon a time when some changes were made to the server hosting this blog, I lost the ability to display certain characters, including Chinese characters. Hundreds of entries had words that were turned into gobbledygook. I can’t tell you … Continue reading

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Parsing an article in a diocesan paper: some problems

I don’t want to pick on the writer.  That is not my purpose.  But more than one person sent me this article with some questions.  In The Message Online, for SW Indiana, which is the internet presence of the Diocese … Continue reading

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Who paid for Speaker Pelosi’s trip?

I wonder how much Speaker Pelosi’s trip cost the American people? What was personal?  What was actually on behalf of the American people? I’m just askin’.

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QUAERITUR: incomplete vestment sets for TLM

From a priest reader (edited): With Lent about to begin I have a question regarding Laetare Sunday and what vestments I should wear for the TLM that day. I will be celebrating a Sung Mass in the EF for Laetare … Continue reading

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Closing parishes, preparing for the future… Fr. Z rants

I have had a few e-mails in the last couple days about a very painful topic: parish closings. People are rightly angry and sad when a parish is closed. Many factors are involved in a parish closing: shift in demographics, … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: How do we make the Novus Ordo better?

From a reader: Fr. Z: I’m a Junior at ___ in the Television Department. I’ve stumbled upon your blog a few times, and I’ve noticed that you celebrate the Latin Mass. (Tridentine?) I have a question for you. I’ve witnessed … Continue reading

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How to make rigatoni all’amatriciana

My friend Greg Burke, Fox News Channel’s man in Rome (we worked together during Papal April ’05) has a new video on his blog about making rigatoni all’amatriciana. He and intrepid producer Mario (great guy) head to the apartment of … Continue reading

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