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A reflection on rupture

Let me propose something to think about. The Holy Father has made his pontificate in part a reflection on continuity.  This commitment to restore a proper interpretive principle is the fruit of decades of observation and reflection from a unique, … Continue reading

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Biology 101: the embryo

Creative Minority Report is all over this and I simply bring that entry over here. Please give CMR’s stats a bump. But first: From Dictionary.com (my emphases). em·bry·o  n.   pl. em·bry·os    1.          1. An organism in its early … Continue reading

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A sudden session of sweet silent thought

I just had a remarkable experience.  It may have been the strength and particular hue of the light in my room right now that triggered it. In a flash a memory flooded back to my conscious mind of standing behind … Continue reading

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Have media talking points been worked out about the PCED?

Keep your eyes peeled for a particular interpretation of the Pope’s intention expressed in his Letter of 12 March to bishops about the SSPX excommunications. An assumption will now be advanced that the Pope is checking the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia … Continue reading

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Thavis of CNS on Pope Benedict’s Letter

John Thavis of CNS reacts to the Holy Father’s Letter to bishops about the lifting of the SSPX excommunications. My emphases and comments. Papal letter: Pointed, personal and from the heart By John ThavisCatholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) — … Continue reading

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SSPX Superior Bp. Fellay on Pope Benedict’s Letter

Rorate is usually on the spot with things like statements from the SSPX’s leadership. Here is the statement of SSPX Bp. Bernard Fellay about the Letter Pope Benedict wrote to bishops of the world about the lifting of the SSPX … Continue reading

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Today’s reworking of an ancient prayer in the Novus Ordo

I was struck by the Novus Ordo today, the so-called "Prayer over the gifts".  It is, in the 2002MR, a reworking of a prayer in the 1962MR, in its own turn from the ancient Gelasian and Hadrianum and Paduense Sacramentaries. … Continue reading

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WDTPRS: Thursday 2nd Week of Lent – Post communionem (2002MR)

We continue our project of looking at the Post communions of Lent: Thursday – 2nd Week of Lent This prayer was in the 1962MR on the Friday of the 2nd Week of Lent.  But it was the Secret!  Astonishingly, Bugnini’s … Continue reading

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A UK weekly The Universe will now publish TLM info

I received a press release from the Latin Mass Society in the UK.  They are undergoing lots of upheaval right now, but apparently they are still active. This is about a Catholic weekly in England called The Universe.  Apparently, they … Continue reading

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Rodari on the new Archp. of Westminster

Damian reports that Rodari reports…. {whew! pant!}… that the next Archbishop of Westminster will be an auxiliary of the same, H.E. Most Rev. Bernard Longley, age 53 Damian reports that he is not a member of the "Magic Circle" and … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Revive the Oath Against Modernism?

A priest reader sent the following: I know that there is much being done to work toward restoring the Sacred Liturgy in the Latin Church… Have you heard any suggestion at all that the Oath again Modernism be reinstated as … Continue reading

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Benedict’s Letter in English: Fr. Z comments

UPDATE 1207 GMT 12 MARCH: Now that the official English translation of the Holy Father’s letter has been released I decided to update this entry. My additional comments at at the bottom of the entry. I am particularly moved by … Continue reading

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