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“The rest is silence”

SSPX Bp. Williamson posts on his blog. My emphases and comments. Eleison Comments LXXXIX "Don’t cry for me , Argentina", nor readers of "Eleison Comments" in any other part of the world, because you may have thought that the last … Continue reading

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Tasty belated thanks

Many many thanks to the kind readers, CF and RR, who sent me the Gooseberry Jam and the Devon Cream. On St. Joseph’s Day I permitted myself a treat.  I made scones and dressed them with the above. No photos, … Continue reading

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Kids… wargs… optimists…

Kids… optimists… A surreal but fun item from Wormtalk and Slugspeak: Yet another surreal moment (thanks, JRRT) This morning my son and daughter were playing "Mama warg, baby warg."  Yes, they were pretending that they were bloodthirsty super-wolves, ravening through … Continue reading

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Card. Vingt-Trois on how the Pope has been treated

Cardinal Vingt-Trois of Paris has said that the press reaction to the Holy Father’s comments on AIDS and condoms in Africa is really pay back for the success he had in France.

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The fight over Westminster

From Rtuh Gledhil of The Times.  My emphases and comments: March 21, 2009Pope may impose his man as English Catholic leaderRuth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent The Pope has been forced to intervene in a damaging power struggle over who will become … Continue reading

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Good news abounds

But we have to remember to notice it. Have any good news?

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