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Books we should have read

What books do you think absolutely must be read, preferably before graduating from High School, or at least college… or before death? Maybe I can eventually turn this into a POLL.  I will start with some books as they occur … Continue reading

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The seeds of our destruction

Does the weather ever affect your plans? That picnic or ballgame was ruined because an unexpected squall surprised you.  A snow storm was worse than predicted and you had problems getting around.  Hurricane?  People went to the stores and hoarded … Continue reading

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Is the Obama Administration pressuring the Holy See to slience Archbp. Burke?

I found this on The Catholic Thing.   Context: Archbp. Burke recently made clear statements in an interview about pro-abortion Catholic politicians and Holy Communion. It is written by Austin Ruse, "President of the New York and Washington, D.C.-based Catholic Family … Continue reading

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A new Missale Romanum in the works?

People are writing to ask if I have heard anything about a new Missale Romanum which would include both uses of the Roman Rite and also shift elements of the Novus Ordo toward the older form. Yes.  I have heard … Continue reading

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A new edition of documents of Vatican II

I have often thought that we could use a new, better, edition in English of the Documents of Vatican II.  We need a better translation with a good commentary, through a hermeneutic of continuity. A reader sent this: Proposed New … Continue reading

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Bp. Olmstead to Fr. Jenkins: “the grave mistake of your decision”

I received word that His Excellency Most Reverend Thomas Olmstead, Bishop of Phoenix, wrote an e-mail to the President of the University of Notre Shame, Fr. Jenkins, to remind him of the USCCB position on giving people who defy fundamental … Continue reading

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An instruction on new digital world coming?

Pope Benedict in his Letter to bishops about the lifting of the SSPX excommunications, stressed how they dropped the ball on the internet and how the Holy See had to make better use of this important tool. I was alerted … Continue reading

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How about some good news?

There is enough terrible new for us to gnash and fret about. How about some of your good news?

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