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Cardinal Cañizares Llovera… interviewed

His Hermeneuticalness has posted something wonderful.  Do be sure to visit him. Here is the post with my emphases and comments: Summorum Pontificum "a help to everyone" Many thanks to St John’s Valdosta for highlighting an interview given by Cardinal … Continue reading

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Take note of Diogenes…

With a biretta tip, or rather slash, to Orthometer,  o{]:¬(     I direct your attention to Diogenes piece. The left and all the left embraces will elevate abortion to the level of a sacrament in their new global environmentalist … Continue reading

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Austin priest reported missing

Your prayers, please, both for the priest and the probable attacker. Let us not forget the dire results for those who attack a priest to harm him, to raise their hand against the Lord’s anointed.Austin priest reported missing Rev. Jesse … Continue reading

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Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…

From the young Papist: Bishop Loverde personally delivers 200k pro-life postcards to Congress This is something I love to see: a bishop going the extra mile, even if it means going outside the box. Or in this case, a bishop … Continue reading

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1 APRIL: New Archbishop for St. Louis!

For this 1st of April, thanks to St. Louis Catholic, a good source of trad news, I found this timely piece… with my emphases and comments. BREAKING NEWS: SSPX Bishop Fellay Named New Archbishop of Saint Louis In a bold … Continue reading

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Statutes and charter – two edged sword

I was chatting with a very insightful friend today who stuck this bug in my ear… Has anyone read the statutes and charter of the University of Notre Dame? Is there anything in those statutes and the charter which might … Continue reading

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Fr. Andrew Wadsworth appointed to ICEL

His Hermeneuticalness has posted the following good news. Fr Andrew Wadsworth to ICEL Fr Andrew Wadsworth has been appointed by the Holy See as General Secretary of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy and Executive Director of the … Continue reading

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Easter Vigil: music considerations of an experienced pastor

From the great Fr. Blake of St. Mary Magdalene in Brighton.  He is working through the Holy Week music for his parish: An email from the Directrix of S M Magdalen Choral Services: After much thought, I have decided we … Continue reading

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The fruits of a good confession

It is nice to be able to post good feedback once in a while. This is from a reader: Well, you’re always asking for good news, so I thought I’d let you know: Thanks to your many postings about it, … Continue reading

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