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Archd. Birmingham – sede vacante

His Hermeneuticalness was not elevated to the See of Westminster.  Fr. Finigan would have been a good choice! Hey… wait… isn’t the Archdiocese of Birmingham going to be open? Hmmm….

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Nice image

From the Holy Father’s Mass today for Pope John Paul II Just a nice image… no comment necessary.

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New Archbp. of Westminster: Archbp. Vincent Nichols

His Excellency Most Reverend… er um… His Grace Vincent Nichols will be translated from Birmingham to the Archdiocese of Westminster. The formal announcement was made Friday. The Bollettino RINUNCIA DELL’ARCIVESCOVO METROPOLITA DI WESTMINSTER (INGHILTERRA) E NOMINA DEL SUCCESSORE  Il Santo … Continue reading

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Archbp. Hughes (Archd. New Orleans) to Fr. Jenkins (Notre Shame)

His Excellency Most Rev. Alfred Hughes, Archbishop of New Orleans, has this to say to Fr. Jenkins of Notre Shame. My emphases: Dear Father Jenkins: I write to you with a heavy heart after the announcement that the University of … Continue reading

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Brilliant addition to Bp. Doran’s letter… brilliant!

The official parodohymnologist of WDTPRS strikes! Tim Ferguson wrote a brilliant comment under the entry about Bp. Thomas Doran’s letter to Fr. Jenkins of Notre Shame University. Bp. Doran suggests that if Notre Dame won’t reconsider the invitation to Pres. … Continue reading

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Bp. Doran (D. Rockford) vivisects Fr. Jenkin’s (Notre Shame)

In the little time I have spent with Bishop Thomas Doran of Rockford, IL, I picked up a few of the best hard-hitting one liners I have.  I preserve them like arrows in my quiver. His Excellency has written to … Continue reading

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Too fun!

This is simply too fun. Take a look at this comment, with photos of images veiled in a parish church. Draw an object lesson!

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Passiontide veils: your churches your images

I invited your photos of your churches with images covered for Passiontide.

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For the love of God… promote holy silence in your churches

I a Z-Chat session today one of the Z-chatters made the comment that at her parish, before Mass, people chatter like crows in church … including the pastor. No silence. No sense of reverence for the sacred place or what … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI’s Mass for 4th anniversary of death of John Paul II

Right now I am watching the Mass from the Vatican Basilica for the 4th anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II. The whole Mass has been in Italian… up to the Preface. The Preface was sung by the … Continue reading

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