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QUAERITUR: Latin examination of conscience

From a reader: I am looking for "examen conscientiae" in Latin, but I cannot find anything suitable for la layperson. The only one I found so far is in the book "Manuale sacerdotum" by  Joseph Schneider (availabe in Google Books), … Continue reading

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Clevelend, OH: Miracle for John Paul II’s Beatification?

From CNA: ‘Miraculous’ recovery from ‘non-survivable’ gunshot wound could beatify Pope John Paul II Cleveland, Ohio, Apr 4, 2009 / 01:55 pm (CNA).- A man who suffered a "non-survivable" execution-style gunshot to the head during a mugging in Cleveland has … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Music just not right for Mass. What to do?

From a reader: The director of music (and Liturgy, sigh)  at our parish, a woman with an incredible voice, learned a contemporary song several years ago which she and a male member of the choir sing together whenever possible.  If … Continue reading

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Archd. of Manila’s “Clarification” about Summorum Pontificum

You will recall that His Eminence the Archbishop of Manila, Card. Rosales, had originally imposed severe restrictions on the provisions enacted by the Supreme Pontiff in Summorum Pontificum. Those restrictions were so clearly out of step with the Church’s law … Continue reading


Thanks to readers and Penjing Report

Some of you have sent donations of late via the donation button on the left side bar and on some posts.  Thank you.  They are so very helpful.  Also, many thanks are due to those of you who sent items … Continue reading

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Politicizing the Notre Shame debate: a Chicago Catholic pol

A main talking point clutched by Catholics who are trying to defend the invitation by Notre Shame to Pres. Obama is that disapprobation of the invitation is really political. That is because the defenders of the invitation are long-habituated to … Continue reading

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Weird in Linz

CathCon, who is generally all over the German scene, has this report from the Diocese of Linz, which will now be forever famous for fighting off an auxiliary bishop. Have you wondered why they fought him off?  This is the … Continue reading

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Belgian Parliament attacks Pope Benedict

The war is getting hotter. From ZENIT   Belgian Bishops Lament Government’s Papal Protest Says Lawmakers Didn’t Hear Pope’s Whole Message BRUSSELS, APRIL 3, 2009 (Zenit.org).- Belgium’s bishops lament a government proposal to protest Benedict XVI’s comment that condoms are … Continue reading

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